10 watches for superheroes

Release your inner superhero with these watches that will make you feel invincible.

My husband loves the game “If you had to choose a superpower, what would it be?” He tends to go for super strength, while I would quite like to time travel. For the kids, flying is a top favorite, along with being invisible. The conversations that ensue about how we would use our superpowers are always wildly entertaining and then there are the outfits we would wear, including the watches to match.

So just for fun, here are our top 10 watches for our favorite super powers. Let us know yours and we will add it to the list!

Superhuman Strength

For the superpower of super strength, you are definitely going to need a watch that is tough and rugged. If you are crushing cars with your bare hands, the watch needs to be able to keep up. So for this particular skill, we have chosen Casio’s G-Shock, which is often the watch of choice for military personnel, police and fire fighters because of its super shock resistance. Pictured here is the Master of G Series Mudmaster that is shock resistant, water resistant, mud resistant and comes with a tough carbon fiber case with a carbon core guard structure. The watch’s features will also come in handy for today’s superheroes with a quad sensor (for altitude, barometer, temperature, accelerometer), a super LED dual illuminator, GPS (via app), compass, activity log and more. It comes with a choice of an orange, khaki or black strap.

Price: $350

Casio G-shockMaster of G Series Mudmaster


The fun you could have with an invisible cloak is endless. You could go wherever you wanted for free, hang out with celebrities, shoplift (if you had an invisible bag), scare people by moving their stuff around, or listen in to villains and pass on their plans to the good guys to save the world from crime. For this, you are going to need an invisible watch and there are plenty to choose from as more and more brands are using sapphire crystal cases to make watches close to invisible. Pictured here is the Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days Sapphire, a limited edition of 200 pieces that comes in a 45mm sapphire crystal case with a sapphire crystal dial. The watch has a manual-winding movement with seven series-coupled barrels to give it an important power reserve of 14 days, essential for those longer superhero missions.

Price: CHF 99’000

Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days Sapphire, a limited edition of 200 pieces that comes in a 45mm sapphire crystal case with a sapphire crystal dial


Time Travel

Time travel is a tricky one for a watch. A multiple time zone timepiece is not going to help you, as that would require a whole new complication that has yet to be invented. If anyone was going to come up with something like this, I would put my money on Urwerk. There is nothing this brand likes more than solving problems that others haven’t even considered. Another reason for choosing Urwerk is that if you decide to travel into the future, you are not going to look too out of place with this futuristic timepiece on your wrist. Now obviously, it doesn’t work if you go back in time, but if attacked by cavemen or knights, showing them your watch may just intrigue them enough not to kill you.  Pictured here is the Urwerk UR-105 CT Kryptonite with its green luminescent numerals and hinged protective cover. The name Kryptonite already gives the watch a superhero aura and the SuperLumiNova could come in handy as a flashlight if you travel back to the dark ages!

Price CHF: 70’000

Urwerk UR-105 CT Kryptonite with its green luminescent numerals

X-ray Vision

This superpower allows you to see inside things that others can’t. Superman had x-ray vision and was able to see through walls to see the criminals beyond. I think he may also have used it to look through Lois Lane’s dress to determine the color of her underwear (probably not advisable in today’s day)! When it comes to watches, many brands have given the illusion of x-ray vision by taking away the dial and displaying the inner workings of the watch. A watch movement is so intrinsically beautiful that numerous watch brands have made it the center of attention, and quite rightly so. One such example is Arnold & Son’s DBG Skeleton that plunges the eye into the workings of the watch. For the features there is a GMT indication with both a local time 24-hour display and a GMT 24-hour display for superheroes crossing time zones.

Price: CHF 38’018

Arnold & Son's DBG Skeleton, skeletonized dial, yellow gold case



Super Speed

Being able to travel at the speed of light would be truly advantageous for chasing criminals, and being on time, of course. Many superheroes have used this talent for good, such as The Flash, Superman, Max Mercury, Superboy, Supergirl, and Quicksilver to name a few. Finding a watch to keep up would need a very fast movement indeed, but there is such a watch, and it is the Zenith Defy Lab Inventor. This exceptional movement has to be the fastest wristwatch on the market today with a unique oscillator that beats at 18Hz. Not only does this make it quick, but it is highly accurate with a mean daily precision of 0.3 seconds.  The watch is also very high-tech in its design and use of state-of-the-art materials, making it perfect as superhero attire.

Price: CHF 18’900

10 watches for superheroes

Zenith Defy Lab Inventor, skeleton dial, blue strap


If you have ever had one of those dreams where you are flying through the air, you will have had a sneak peek at how awesome this superpower can be. The freedom associated with soaring through the air has inspired humans since the beginning of time. So, if your superpower is going to take you up into the clouds, you are going to need a pilot’s watch like this Tutima Grand Flieger Classic Chronograph, which was inspired by the brand’s very first flyback chronograph made during WWII. There are many design codes that recall the historic version; such as the coin-edge bezel, red hand and reference marker; but the watch is resolutely modern with its 43mm stainless steel case, highly legible dial and intuitive chronograph layout.

Price: CHF 4’283

10 Watches for Superheroes

Tutima Grand Flieger Classic Chronograph, black dial, steel case, steel bracelet


This interesting power allows you to move objects without touching them. So imagine you are sitting on the sofa and the remote control is on the other side of the room. There would be no need to get up, you could just telepathically make it come to you. For superheroes with this power, they are going to need a watch that is equally mesmerizing, such as Maurice Lacroix’s Aikon Mercury. The hands of this unusual timepiece spin freely when the watch is tilted, abandoning their chronometric duties, but when the watch is held up (like you do when you want to read the time), they fall back into position to reveal the time. Like this, you can imagine that you are telepathically controlling the hands.

Price: CHF 7’500

Maurice Lacroix’s Aikon Mercury., steel case, black leather strap, skeleton dial


Liquification is the skill to turn yourself into liquid for a nifty escape down the nearest drain or the ability to enter a room under the door, like Zan from The Wonder Twins; who could change into water, ice or steam; or the comic character, Washout, who could spurt water from his body on touch.  For these kinds of water-based superpowers, you need a watch that will blend into the water theme, so how about this Tockr Hydro Dipped model with its blue and green tie-dye style case and deep blue dial? It would fit in perfectly. The watch is powered by a Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement and is water-resistant to 100 meters for all your aquatic adventures. Read more about this fun collection here.

Price: $2,850

Tockr Hydro Dipped model with its blue and green tie-dye style case and deep blue dial


Heat Vision

Heat vision can come in very handy for welding a collapsing building and stopping the bad guys in their tracks with your laser eyes. It can also help explode asteroids heading for Earth. If this is your superpower of choice, then you’ll need this Corum Bubble Magical 52 Solar with its fiery three-dimensional dial depicting the sun under a domed crystal bubble.  The time is indicated by the two red circles that travel around the sun. The watch comes in a 52mm titanium case and is fitted with an automatic movement.


Corum Bubble Magical 52 Sola, firey orange dial



Anyone who has seen the film The Incredibles will know how useful it can be to have elastic limbs. Elastigirl is an elastic and dexterous superheroine who can stretch her body and mould it into different shapes. For this, she is going to need an extra-long strap for her superhero costume, so the Hermès Médor Rock would be the perfect match with its triple leather strap. It also has a pretty lacquered cover that hides the dial, giving it an element of secrecy. This is a watch for the superheroine who wants to look good as well as fight crime. The watch comes in numerous colors, but we have chosen the red one as it matches Elastigirl’s costume.

Price: CHF 3’400

Hermès Médor Rock with its triple red leather strap


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