10 watches that could survive a zombie apocalypse

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, we all have to be ready. For watch lovers, that means having a watch that can survive everything.


Sure, you might not need accurate time once the dead take over, but your watch will come in handy to time the movements of the horde and to estimate how far away the battle is.

Even Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead wore a watch all the time, and it even became a plot point in the show. For Rick, and for us, his watch was a reminder of more civilized days.

Here is our list of the 10 watches we are sure can survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Casio G-Shock MT-G

you can’t go wrong with a G-Shock from Casio and the MT-G Twisted Metal is the top of the line, featuring world time, 200-meter water resistance, an LED light, stopwatch and countdown timer, and there’s even an alarm to get you up before your face gets eaten off.

Price: CHF 1,198

Casio MTG

Rolex Explorer

Designed for adventurers of all kinds, the Rolex Explorer is a simple watch that can take a beating and keep running virtually forever. Its mechanical movement doesn’t require a battery, so you are not a slave to the power grid (which is gone, anyway).

Price: CHF 6,200

Oyster Perpetual Explorer

Victorinox INOX

When Victorinox introduced the INOX, they famously ran a tank over it, dropped it onto a concrete floor, boiled it, froze it and it kept on ticking. If it can handle this, it can handle a few zombies.

Price: CHF 795

Victorinox Inox

Luminox Master Navy SEAL

Worn by the Navy SEALS, this Luminox is the top of the line, water resistant to 300 meters and featuring the Luminox Light Technology, so it is always visible, even in complete darkness. And you’ll be in complete darkness a lot.

Price: CHF 395

Luminox master navy seal

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Ball combines the best of Swiss Made mechanical timekeeping with the long luminosity of tritium tubes and Super-LumiNova. This watch combines great water resistance (200 meters) with shock resistance and visibility — all things you will need when the zombies are shuffling outside your door.

Price: CHF 3,300

Ball Watch

Sinn UX

Made from German submarine steel and equipped with an impressive 5000 meters of water resistance, this Sinn will never let you down. Its case is filled with a clear oil solution to ensure maximum legibility and pressure resistance at depth. Remember, zombies can’t swim, but you can.

Price: CHF 2,293


Tudor Pelagos

The titanium Tudor Pelagos is water resistant to 500 meters and features an automatic helium release valve. It’s great looking and tough as nails. When you get zombie blood on this watch, it’ll wash right off.

Price: CHF 4,200

Tudor Pelagos
Tudor Pelagos

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra >15,000 Gauss

This Omega Seamater is resistant to magnetic fields (you never know what the future will be like when the grid goes down), and water resistant to 300 meters.

Price: CHF 5,500

Omega Seamaster
Omega Seasmaster Aqua Terra

Panerai Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 days

This carbon version of the class Luminor 1950 is blacked out for stealth and very visible in darkness, thanks to loads of Super-LumiNova. 200 meters of water resistance means you can wear it anywhere and its simple good looks will have you remembering better days.

Price: CHF 11,500

Panerai Carbo tech

CX Swiss Military Watch 20,000 feet

The world record holder, this watch is a beast. If you find yourself in a bind, with zombies all around, you can take it off your wrist and defeat the zombies by using this great hunk of stainless steel as a bludgeon.

Price: CHF 4,630

CX Swiss Military CX Swiss Military



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