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Arnold & Son Globetrotter Night

This unique world timer displays 24 different time zones with a nocturnal view of the Earth, showing twinkling city lights across the globe.


Everything you need to know about this watch


The Arnold & Son Globetrotter Night features a half-globe that is fixed using a sculpted arch and is positioned under a spectacular crystal dome.


The three-dimensional map features raised parts that have been colored a deep-gray with a galvanic treatment and then hand-lacquered in a dark-gray color. The oceans are lacquered in a shade of gray/blue, while the twinkling lights are hand-applied silver sparkles.


A sapphire crystal ring around the globe indicates the 24 different time zones. The daylight hours are transparent, while the night-time hours have been darkened using a special treatment. The time is read geographically following the position of the continents.


The timepiece is powered by the A&S3022 automatic manufacture movement, which has an easy-setting mechanism with a three-position crown. The first position winds the movement, the second adjusts the local time in one hour increments (in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions), and lastly, the third position regulates the hours and minutes along with the planet’s rotation.


The Globetrotter Night shows the Northern Hemisphere, but a Southern Hemisphere version is available on request at the same price.

Price: CHF 16’800