Feel like a princess with Century’s Tiara

Century’s Tiara collection merges the lines between a wristwatch and jewelry for princesses who like to be on time.


This elegantly refined ladies timepiece sparkles from every surface, starting with the sapphire crystals around the bezel that change from delicate tones of blue to deeps shades of purple, as the light hits each and every one of its 48 facets

Century is famous for its savoir-faire in working with sapphire crystals, which it treats like precious stones, cutting and polishing their surface by hand to form facets that reflect a maximum amount of light.

The Tiara timepiece is further enhanced by a glittering row of 272 diamonds around the bezel (2.419 carats) and a unique Milanese strap that has been forged in pressed gold and then engraved to give the appearance of a haute couture gown.

The timepiece comes in white gold and is equipped with a quartz movement for princesses that also like to be on time!

Price: CHF 45,870 (excluding tax)