Armand Nicolet

History of Armand Nicolet

Founded and still located in Tramelan, Switzerland, Armand Nicolet started his own workshop in 1875. The son of a watchmaker, Nicolet was known for creating timepieces that were precise, high quality and very beautiful. After Armand Nicolet’s death in 1939, his son Willy took control and grew the factory into one of the largest manufacturers in the country. In 1987, Willy sold the operation to watch industry veteran Rolando Braga.

Today, Armand Nicolet produces contemporary timepieces, but is perhaps best known for its ability to restore vintage movements and put them into modern watches, its Original Historical Movement (O.H.M.) collection.

Armand Nicolet watches, history and 5 interesting facts

Five interesting facts about Armand Nicolet

1 – vintage movements

Rolando Braga literally stumbled onto working on vintage movements. After he bought the manufacture, he was walking through it when he found a cache of thousands of vintage movements covered by a tarp.

2 – production and design

Armand Nicolet has a foot in two countries. The production is in Tramelan, Switzerland, while the design center is located in Brescia, Italy.

3 – trade-in program

Armand Nicolet recently introduced a “trade-in” program, allowing customers to use the value of their own watches to buy an Armand Nicolet timepiece.

4 – motorcycle trials

To blow off steam, Rolando Braga rides his trials motorcycle in the mountains above Brescia, Italy, where he has a home.

5 – celebrity watch owner

Joe Dimarco, the original guitarist for the Fugees rock band, wears Armand Nicolet’s S05.


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