Armand Nicolet

History of Armand Nicolet

Armand Nicolet’s story began in 1875 in Tramelan, a small town in the Bernese Jura in Switzerland. Armand Nicolet was born into a family of watchmakers, and after a successful apprenticeship, he opened his own watchmaking workshop.

The year 1902 proved to be a turning point for Armand Nicolet with the unveiling of a pocket watch with “guilloché” rose gold case, enamel dial, single-button chronographic function, complete calendar, repeating hours, quarter hours, and minutes.

Armand Nicolet continued to refine his technical skills over the years. He spent a lot of time studying design and form which influenced his timepieces. His watches were considered masterpieces of beauty, quality, and precision.

The Second Generation

Upon Armand Nicolet’s death in 1939, the business was taken over by his son Willy Nicolet. The latter developed the business substantially, turning it into one of the most important watch manufacturers in the area.

A chance meeting in 1987 between Willy Nicolet and Rolando Braga, an Italian entrepreneur, sealed the brand’s future. A strategic partnership between Italian creativity and Swiss watchmaking know-how. The business relationship was finalized in 1988 with the sale of Armand Nicolet to a private group of investors.

Who owns Armand Nicolet?

Armand Nicolet is owned by a holding group NH S.A. based in Zug, Switzerland. The group detains control of Nicolet S.A., Nicolet M.D. srl and is the owner of the group’s two brands: Armand Nicolet and Telda. Rolando Braga remains the Managing Director.

Fun fact

Many of the historical timepieces by Armand Nicolet can be seen in the Nicolet S.A. museum in Tramelan. These masterpieces continue to draw the attention of watch collectors worldwide.

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