History of Doxa

Doxa was founded by Georges Ducommun in the Jura Mountains in 1889. One of 13 children, he left school at the age of 12 to become a watchmaking apprentice. By the age of 20, he had his very own watch repair workshop and naturally grew his business to produce his own timepieces. He is best known for his 8-day caliber which he developed for the car and aviation industries. In the 1950s the company unveiled its Bauhaus-inspired Grafic line and in 1967 it launched its famous profession diving line, the Doxa Sub, both of which are still bestsellers today.

Doxa sub 200 diving watch blue dial, steel case

Five interesting facts about Doxa

1 – Glory in Greek

Doxa means glory in Greek.

2 – Deliveries on foot

George Ducommun often made his deliveries on foot, frequently covering distances of 20km or more.

3 – The first deliveries

The first workshop was in the backyard of Georges Ducommun’s house.

4 – Famous clocks

Doxa made clocks for Bugatti, Mercedes, and Peugeot.

5 – The Doxa-Sub professional diving watches

The Doxa-Sub professional diving watches were issued to the Swiss military.

Doxa sub 200 diving watch orange dial, steel case

Doxa's we love

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Doxa SUB 200 Sharkhunter
Doxa SUB 200 Professional
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Doxa SUB 200 130th Anniversary Celebration Sharkhunter

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