History of Fortis

The history of Fortis dates back to 1912 and spans over a century of watchmaking activity. It all began in Grenchen, Switzerland, with a man called Walter Vogt. Vogt wanted to create the most reliable watches in the world and chose the name Fortis for his timepieces as it translated into strength, power, lasting, solid and brave. The brand’s achievements are numerous, from producing the world’s first mass-produced automatic wristwatch to the world’s first water-resistant watch with an alarm and plastic watches that were water-resistant to 200 meters to pilots watches that set two altitude records.

Fortis marinemaster watch

Five interesting facts about Fortis

1- Head office

The original factory building on the Lindenstrasse is still the head office of Fortis Watches Limited today.

2 – The Russian Federal Space Agency

The Russian Federal Space Agency ROSCOSMOS chose Fortis as the official timekeeper of its missions.

3 – Austrian Space Forum

In 2018 Fortis joined forces with the Austrian Space Forum which is preparing for a future human Mars mission. During three weeks in the desert of Oman, along with the Fortis Official Cosmonauts AMADEE-18 watch.

4 – Partner with the Swiss Air Force Display Team

Fortis is a partner with the Swiss Air Force Display Team and created a special Aeromaster edition for the team’s 30th anniversary.

5 – The Fortis airbase

If you are skydiving in Reichenbach, you may also land at the Fortis airbase, a five-star drop zone for crazy people that want to jump the Swiss Alps. Experiences are arranged together with Skydive Switzerland.