History of Hautlence

Founded in 2004, Hautlence was one of the first brands to create timepieces offering a different way of reading the time, quickly catching the attention of watch aficionados the world over. Since its inception, the brand has continued to challenge the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, creating its own unique movements and offering state-of-the-art designs and innovative materials. The company is owned by Georges-Henri Meylan of MELB Holding.

HautlenceHL Newton 01
Hautlence HL Newton 01

Five interesting facts about Hautlence

1 – An anagram

The word Hautlence is an anagram of the town Neuchâtel, where the brand was founded.

2 – Eric Cantona

The French footballer Eric Cantona is a friend of the brand.

3 – Labyrinth timepiece

Hautlence’s Labyrinth timepiece is a board game for the wrist and doesn’t even tell the time.

4 – Television-inspired case shape

The first Hautlence timepiece came in a case in the form of a 1950’s television, a shape that has now become synonymous with the brand.

5 – The Vortex collection

Hautlence’s Vortex collection comes in a choice of brightly colored cases, such as orange and yellow, experimenting with new case materials.

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