15 Things watch collectors wish they had known before they started collecting

The joy of searching, researching and purchasing a new timepiece is such an enjoyable experience that no wonder so many people don’t stop at just one watch; they start a collection.

Collecting watches has become a popular hobby, especially with more and more vintage watch options available. But what makes a good collection, and is it a good way to invest your hard-earned cash? We talked to a number of watch collectors who gave us their tips for starting a watch collection.

Buben & Zorweg
The Magnum by Buben & Zorweg


Many people will try and tell you what you should buy, but don’t listen, buy what you really want.


Don’t get sucked into the the investment game, buy what you truly like and want to wear.


Start small and affordable and work up to what you like before investing real money.


Do your research. Learn everything you can before you buy, it is the best way to avoid being cheated.


A more expensive watch doesn’t necessarily bring more joy than a more affordable one.


Try before you buy.


Don’t become a watch snob who looks down on other people with less expensive watches.


Consider the purpose of the watch. Do you need something for formal occasions, something with good water resistance etc.


Look into joining a local watch club or forum to meet like-minded people and gain more information about the watches you are interested in.


Don’t rush, take your time.


You could be emotionally charged when you find a watch you have been wanting to buy for a long time. Don’t offer your money just yet. Ask questions. Ask them to hold the watch for you; it will give you time to investigate the timepiece further.


Explore both vintage and new timepiece. (For more info about buying new or vintage, click here)


Remember to factor in the price of servicing a timepiece to your budget.


Keep your collecting within your means.


Don’t become a hoarder. If you have 75+ watches at the low to mid range, consider selling them and purchasing more valuable timepieces. You will appreciate them more.