Dive into the Depths with the DOXA SUB 300β

DOXA’s latest collection of diving watches masterfully blends the robust functionality of a tool watch with the sleek sophistication desired for urban elegance. With five color variations, there’s a DOXA SUB 300β for every occasion, seamlessly transitioning from the depths of the sea to the heights of city sophistication.

Dive into the Depths with the DOXA SUB 300β

The DOXA SUB series, introduced in 1967, represents a significant milestone in the history of diving watches. It was the first professional diving watch aimed at a wider audience, setting a new standard in the industry. This watch was notable for its water resistance of up to 30 ATM (300 meters) and featured a pioneering unidirectional rotating bezel. This bezel, a DOXA patent, uniquely combines dive time and depth indications, integrating the US Navy’s no-decompression dive table values for safer diving practices.

The SUB series was easily identifiable by its distinctive bright orange dial, a brace choice contrasting the traditional black or white dials of the era. This design gained widespread recognition from 1968 onwards prominently featured on the wrists of divers in the televised series ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.’ Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a key figure in modern scuba diving, admired the SUB 300 so much that he secured exclusive distribution rights in the USA.

The new DOXA SUB 300β, introduced today, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending functionality with style. Adhering to the concept that a sports watch should not only excel in sports, the SUB 300β maintains all the essential tool watch features while adopting a more refined design.

DOXA SUB 300β Searambler White Rubber Strap
DOXA SUB 300β Searambler White Rubber Strap

These timepieces keep the 42.5 mm diameter but significantly change the case design. DOXA has skillfully slimmed down the watch’s profile to just 11.95 mm, a noticeable reduction from the SUB 300 T’s 13.65 mm. Additionally, the bezel height has been reduced by 0.5 mm. These alterations result in a watch with lighter, more contemporary proportions, balancing robust functionality with a sleeker look.

Doxa SUB 300β Caribbean Stainless-Steel "Rice Grain" Bracelet
Doxa SUB 300β Caribbean Stainless-Steel “Rice Grain” Bracelet

The stainless steel case upholds the SUB 300β’s functional integrity, ensuring durability and resilience. A black ceramic bezel and a screw-down crown enhance the watch’s sporty yet chic vibe. The dial features a sunburst finish and an understated wave motif interacting dynamically with light, creating a radiant backdrop for the information displayed by the hands, hour markers, and date function.

Doxa SUB 300β Aquamarine
Doxa SUB 300β Aquamarine

DOXA offers five distinct versions of the SUB 300β, each with its own unique color scheme and personality while sharing the same high-quality specifications. These versions are the SUB 300β Searambler in sleek silver, the SUB 300β Caribbean in a deep navy blue, the SUB 300β Aquamarine featuring a vibrant turquoise, the SUB 300β Professional in a classic black, and the SUB 300β Diving Star in a striking yellow. Each version is available with three different strap options, allowing for further customization: a stainless-steel “rice grain” bracelet, a black rubber strap, or a color-matching rubber strap that complements the individual color themes of each version. All strap options have a deployant clasp that includes a wetsuit extension and showcases the iconic “DOXA Fish” symbol.

Doxa SUB 300β Professional Stainless-Steel "Rice Grain" Bracelet
Doxa SUB 300β Professional Stainless-Steel “Rice Grain” Bracelet

The SUB 300β is engineered to withstand challenging underwater conditions, with a water resistance of 30 ATM, or approximately 300 meters. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions. Powering the SUB 300β is a reliable Swiss automatic movement decorated with DOXA signatures, offering a power reserve of around 38 hours.

Doxa SUB 300β Diving Star Yellow Rubber Strap
Doxa SUB 300β Diving Star Yellow Rubber Strap

In essence, the SUB 300β is a diver’s watch that captures the spirit of the times. It’s designed not only for underwater exploration but also for making a stylish, modern statement in the city. This model reflects DOXA’s ethos of defying convention and continually pushing boundaries, presenting a watch that is as functional as cool!

Price & Availability

The DOXA SUB 300β will be available from November 2023 at all DOXA Watches points of sale and on the official DOXA Watches e-commerce platform.

Retail Price:

  • CHF: Steel bracelet: CHF 2,190.00, Rubber strap: CHF 2,150.00
  • EUR: Steel bracelet: EUR 2,450.00, Rubber strap: EUR 2,410.00
  • USD: Steel bracelet: USD 2,290.00, Rubber strap: USD 2,250.00

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