Five womens watches we have a crush on

Here are five of the best ladies’ timepiece that we are dreaming about this week.


Choosing a women’s watch, either for yourself or a loved one, is no easy task. The selection of timepieces out there is vast, with many different styles, colors, materials and movements to choose from. Helping our female friends navigate the options was one of the reasons why we set up this website. We wanted to make navigating the choices easier and help them discover brands and watches that they may never have seen before.

There really are so many stunning women’s timepieces out there that it can be overwhelming, so here is a selection of what is on our wish list to provide some ideas and inspiration. And remember, you can have fun with our Search to discover even more amazing timepieces.

Bvlgari Serpenti

Bvlgari has been making watches and jewelry with the snake motif since the 1940s and continues to this day. The first Serpenti watch was designed in the machine age with a coiled body inspired by a gas pipe that would twist around the wrist and featured a tiny watch in the snake’s head. The Bvlgari Serpenti photographed here, comes with a double spiral, in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, but there are dozens of different designs to choose.

Price: CHF 41’900

Hermès Cape Cod Automatic

The Hermès Cape Cod comes in a square case that was inspired by the design of the brand’s anchor chain jewelry dating back to the 1930s. The idea was to create a square inside a rectangle, which was achieved with these innovative lugs. The Cape Cod name comes from the stylish seaside resort in Massachusetts, where the wealthy and famous like to relax. This version comes on a double-tour leather strap in bright yellow that was made by the Hermès leather workshops and there are literally hundreds of colors to choose from.

Price: CHF 3’600

Hermés Cape Cod Automatic

Claude Meylan Petite Tortue

Claude Meylan watches are renowned for their skeletonized movements that feature rare and historical movements that are reconstructed in a different way, offering something totally new.  Photographed here is the Petite Tortue Lady that has been decorated using a rare technique called water printing where the components are decorated using special films and baths to fix the motifs. The result is a timepiece where the dial and the movement merge into one, creating a work of art on the wrist.

Price: CHF 4’850

Claude Meylan Petite Tortue

Ralph Lauren Stirrup

The Stirrup Collection is one of Ralph Lauren’s most iconic collections and was inspired by the shape of an equestrian stirrup. These models come on stunning metal bracelets that look like a harness that goes under and over the watch case. The versions photographed here (left and center) are powered by quartz movements and the full-set version is fitted with a manual-winding movement with a 40 hour power reserve. There are three  different sizes (27mm, 29mm and 34mm) and a number of diamond settings to choose from, from non-set, to set on the case, and fully set.

Prices from left to right: CHF 2’450, CHF 5’900 and CHF 183’000


Jacob & Co Fleurs de Jardin

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Collection has been seducing male collectors for a few years now with its flying tourbillon movement that rotates around the dial. This year, the brand has unveiled a stunning women’s version called the Fleurs de Jardin. The timepiece is decorated with 11 flowers with kite-shaped gemstones, pink sapphires, icy blue sapphires, citrines, tsavorites, amethysts, orange garnets and rubies. It is rare that women are offered such serious mechanics along with equally exquisite gemstones, and we just love it!

Price: CHF 360’000


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