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Graham Chronofighter Vintage D-Day and Overlord

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day Graham launches two new Chronofighter Vintage timepieces, to honor the fallen heroes on the Normandy beaches in 1944.


Everything you need to know about this watch


These 2019 pieces are the successors to the 2005 Chronofighter VE-Day series which paid tribute to the day WWII was won.


The chronofighter D-Day features the infamous date of June 6th 1944 at 6 o’clock and at 3 o’clock the Allies’ military marking – a star in a circle.


The Chronofighter Vintage Overlord takes its name from the codename for the battle of Normandy. With its bronze case, green dial and the artistic Indianhead – the most well recognized emblem in the U.S. army – it gives a nostalgic feel.


A percentage of the sales of the Chronofighter Vintage Overlord will be donated to museums in Normandy that pay hommage to the fallen.


Both the Chronofighter Vintage D-Day and the Chronofighter Vintage Overlord are limited to 75 pieces each.