Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage

Hermès combines the art of watchmaking with the micro cosmos of dial marquetry.



While many of Hermès’ horological creations are widely available through the French maison’s large network of boutiques, some exceptional products are reserved for just a handful of connoisseurs, like this Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage that is limited to only eight timepieces for the world.


The Pégase Paysage depicts a portrait of Pegasus in a complex puzzle of wood marquetry. Using rare and exotic woods, such as Macassar, amaranth, ebony, chestnut, yellow pear and madrone burr, Hermès craftsmen start by choosing the shades and grains of wood they need to bring this miniature horse to life.


Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage, making of


The next stage involves the meticulous cutting of the individual pieces of wood into tiny pieces that are then carefully assembled and glued into position. The dial is then sanded down and varnished to reveal all the power, serenity and lightness of this divine horse. Combining extreme patience and dexterity, three weeks of work are necessary to create a dial, which is by nature unique.


Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage, making of


The timepieces are powered by an ultra-thin self-winding movement and are housed in the Slim d’Hermès case that was designed by Philippe Delhotal in 2015. The 39.5mm white gold case is rendered even more elegant thanks to angular lugs that provide the perfect frame to the dial. The movement, dial, case and Havana alligator strap are all crafted by Hermès and are governed by the maison’s rules of expertise.


Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage, making of


Thanks to Hermès’ vast expertise in numerous rare crafts, the maison can offer its clients truly exceptional timepieces that marry watchmaking with wood miniature works of art.

Price: CHF 60’000

Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage


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