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HYT H2O Brown Limited

HYT’S hydro mechanical watchmakers unveil a brand-new limited edition H20 in earthy tones of red of brown for fall.




HYT’s H20 collection was debuted earlier this year at the Geneva watch fair with two models, one is silver and one in black. This striking collection is a natural evolution of the brand’s H0 Collection, which was launched in 2017 and marked the start of a new direction in HYT’s design vision as the brand shifted the focus away from the movement and towards the fluid time display.


The H20 draws the eye into the liquid display thanks to a spectacular domed crystal which lets the light flood into the workings of the watch. This transparency offers the wearer a three-dimensional view of the round capillaries that support the bright red liquid as it advances at the speed of time.


The H20 Brown Limited Edition is housed in a 51mm stainless-steel case that has been rounded like a pebble. This soft and ergonomic shape continues the theme of fluidity right onto the wrist, making it extremely wearable in spite of its large diameter. This soft and rounded design is further enhanced by a large domed sapphire crystal that covers the mechanism and represents two thirds of the surface area of the watch.


The timepiece works using two liquids—one clear and one red—that are pushed around the capillaries by two bellows. The meniscus between these two liquids gives the reading of the hours, while a retrograde jumping hand indicates the minutes. Once the red liquid reaches six o’clock, the liquid retracts and starts its journey again at the beginning of the gauge. This fascinating display is also illuminated at night thanks to Super-LumiNova under the capillaries.


Although the stunning three-dimensional movement by Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi is not the intended focus of the timepiece, its exceptional construction and finishing do not go unnoticed and enhance the architectural design of the piece.


Limited to eight pieces, the H20 comes fitted with a dark brown PVD-coated case and a supple brown rubber strap.