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HYT Soonow

HYT takes its fluid design to a whole new level, playing with shapes and movement inside a wristwatch.


Everything you need to know about this watch


The dial is made of titanium and features 1000 perforations and 313 gold pins that have all been fixed by hand.


Both versions are limited to 25 pieces, but if you aren’t fast enough, don’t panic, rumor has it that there will be more coming throughout the year.


This is the first time that HYT has inverted the colored liquid with the transparent liquid. In all the other HYT models the coloured liquid represents time spent (on the left) and the transparent liquid shows the remaining time (on the right). Here it has been inverted.


The left eye moves to the beat of the seconds, making a full rotation in 60 seconds and showing the words “soon” and now”, while the right eye shows the state of the power reserve with an eye that disappears as the power runs out.


This is also the first time that HYT has added teeth to its skull watches, but don’t worry, it won’t bite!

Price upon request

Price upon request