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Louis Vuitton Tambour New Wave

Louis Vuitton’s Tambour New Wave collection is inspired by the maison’s latest leather goods collection that features a fresh, young look.


Everything you need to know about this watch


The dial reveals a quilted effect that has been achieved using a special stamp, giving the impression of the softness of leather. The big V in the center catches the light in a subtle yet bold way.


The minute track that runs around the outside of the dial is punctuated with Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram flowers.


The seconds indicator at six o’clock is also a Monogram flower. This beautiful flower constantly turns in tune to the seconds, providing a fun and feminine animation on the dial.


Louis Vuitton is offering a whole range of straps in different materials that can be easily switched thanks to the brand’s interchangeable strap system.


The collection comes equipped with quartz movements and is available in three different sizes – 28, 34 and 39.5 mm. There is also a diamond version for the 34mm model and a chronograph option for the 39.5mm size.