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Match your Mood with your watch

Matching jewelry with watches is nothing new, but it has never been easier than with the Mood interchangeable ring.


The concept of the Mood ring is that it comes in three easily-separated rings that slide apart to allow the wearer to change out the center ring, called an “addon” for a whole new design. The main base of the ring also comes in a range of different materials, such as stainless steel, bronze, and blackened steel, appealing to both men and women.

Mood ring Brazil

History of the brand

Founded in 2004 the Mood ring has been a huge success story especially since it entered a new dynamic in 2013 with the arrival of its current owners, friends Stéphanie Pousaz and Arlette Bélat. Today the brand is based in a small workshop in the small Swiss town of Orbe and distributes its rings throughout Switzerland, but also in France, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. The company shows no signs of slowing down either as it goes from strength to strength.

Mood ring Brazil

Anniversary Limited Edition

This season sees the arrival of a new high jewelry collection that is inspired by the colors and patterns from Brazil. It comes with a white gold base, diamonds, and turquoise and green precious stones. This collection is the first high-jewelry line and was created to celebrate the Swiss brand’s 15th anniversary.

Mood ring Brazil


The brand’s designer, Amila Pousaz, creates on average a new collection per week and loves to find inspiration in the art and culture of different countries, from Egypt to Morroco, and Switzerland to Japan. Other themes include nature, fluo, working girls and pandas, but also great causes like human rights and men’s health with a Movember ring.

Mood ring Brazil


Mood also has a bespoke service for clients who want something special. The can have a unique gem setting, have an imprint of a  fingerprint or create their very own design.

Mood ring Brazil

Matching your watch

The great part about the Mood concept is that it is possible to find or create a ring to match a particular timepiece, whether in terms of colors, designs or materials. So if you are looking for a gift for a watch lover, a Mood ring could be the perfect accessory.


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