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Top 8 Anime and Manga-Inspired Watches

It’s amazing how much influence in the watch world comes from literature, art, and even animated characters that we know and adore.

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Can I Get an Automatic Watch for Under $1,000?

People think mechanical watches and their eyes generally see dollar signs, but it may surprise you to know that you can get an affordable self-winding watch for under $1,000.

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What is the Difference Between Watches Made in Switzerland, Germany or Japan?

The reach of watchmaking spans far and near, but a few countries stand out in the lead.

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Tennis Stars and The Watches They Wear

Step into the dazzling world of tennis stars and their timepieces, where speed and precision on the court are matched only by the elegance and sophistication on their wrists. Join us as we serve up a delightful showcase of the wristwatches adorning the wrists of your favorite tennis champions.

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10 Watch Brands Helping To Save The Oceans

Sustainability is a top priority for everyone these days, even watch brands. While some are creating environmentally friendly watches, others are doing their part to help save the oceans.

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Top 10 Watches That Could Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Just for fun let’s take a look at watches we feel confident can not only make it through a Zombie Apocalypse but can help you out during.

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