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The Alpina AlpinerX goes into space

Alpina sends its AlpinerX into space to celebrate Man’s first landing on the moon and tests its altimeter function to the limit at the same time.


Everything you need to know about this watch


Alpina recently launched its AlpinerX watch into space to an altitude of 33’793 meters to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Man’s first landing on the moon and test the watch’s altimeter function to the limit.


The project was realized by “Sent into Space”, a start-up company specialized in space photography (based in the region of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England). The watch was taken on a three-hour space flight and was filmed along the way. The film offers breathtaking views of the AlpinerX going firstly through the troposphere and then through the various levels of the stratosphere, with planet Earth as a backdrop. The watch endured temperatures dipping to -65 degrees Celcius, zero pressure and re-entry speeds of around 250 mph / 400 kph before being recovered by “Sent into Space” 60 km away from the launch location.



The project was organized to honor the 50th anniversary of Man’s first landing on the moon and includes a special edition of 299 timepieces. Each watch comes with a blue fiber glass and stainless steel case and includes a blue dial with silver indexes and black luminescence. The caseback also features a speical engraving featuring the moon at the center of Alpina’s famous triangle logo that was inspired by the Matterhorn in 1900.


The watch is powered by Alpina’s MMT-283-1 smartwatch technology. The features and indications include: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, activity tracking, heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, dynamic coach, worldtimer, smart alarms, calls, messages and notifications, UV indication, altitude, compass, temperature, time recorder and a barmoter.


The first AlpinerX to have gone into space is now visible in the Alpina museum in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.



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