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The Unnamed Society

A brand new player in the world of exclusive luxury gifts, The Unnamed Society creates unimaginable items for the most discerning clients. The company’s first creation: The Bang.


Everything you need to know about this horological device


Founded this year in 2019, The Unnamed Society is made up of inventors, designers and artisans who follow the philosophy of “Creating the impossible that cannot be imagined”.


Their first creation, The Bang, reinterprets the clock in the form of a revolver.


The Bang is a collaboration effort between The Unnamed Society and famous Swiss clockmaker l’Epée 1839, who designed and manufactured the eight-day movement that is housed in the revolver’s cylinder case. There is a hidden key in the barrel to wind the barrel, and the time is set via a sphere with the hours and minutes on it.


It is possible to commission a hand-made handle from a variety of different materials, such as wood, bone, animal skins, antlers or even precious metals with gemstones.


The bang is limited to 50 pieces.

Price: CHF 31’000