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Tockr gets funky with hydro dipping

American watch brand Tockr gives its Air Defender series a striking new look with a different kind of case treatment, where creativity knows no limits.




When it comes to design, Tockr has always done things its own way. The brand’s very first watch, the C-47, featured a radial-airplane-engine-inspired dial, a first in the watch industry, and now the brand is shaking things up again with the cases of its Air Defender Series.


Named the Hydro Dipped Air Defender Series, each case has been treated with a bold graphic design that is achieved using the art of hydrographic image transfer, also known as hydro dipping. This process is often used in the worlds of motorsport, such as on motorcycle helmets, and has many applications in industrial design, however, it is rarely seen in watchmaking.


The new Hydro Dipped Air Defender Series is being unveiled with Tie-Dye, Magma, black or blue Carbon, and black or Hulk Camo (in green) designs. There is also the possibility for collectors to commission their very own custom hydro-dipped design from a vast library of patterns, with delivery taking under four weeks.


This fascinating process starts with a patterned hydrographic film that is floated on the surface of a container of water. An activating agent is them sprayed onto the film, which makes the film dissolve, leaving just the ink floating on the surface of the water. The stainless-steel case is first primed and then dipped into the ink, which sticks seamlessly to the surface of the case. It is then coated with a highly durable scratch-resistant sealant (If you are intrigued, look this up on YouTube, it is amazing). As the process is done entirely by hand by an expert technician, no two cases are exactly the same.


Tockr has paired the watches with striking coordinated straps in hand-stitched calfskin, alligator and even toad skin! The hand-cut and stitched custom “Stealth” straps are flared at the lugs, tapered at the buckle, and feature a raised and perforation design and color-coordinated stitching. And for clients who want to customize their watch even further, there is also the possibility to order a bespoke strap in the Air Defender series with Tockr’s partner the HIX Design Studio based in Oklahoma City.


In terms of the technical specifications, the Hydro Dipped Air Defender Series comes in a 45mm cushion-shaped case that is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch is powered by a Valjoux 7750, Swiss-Made, automatic, chronograph movement with a 42-hour power reserve and a custom Tockr skeletonized rotor. There is also a rotating inner bezel that is operated via the crown at 10 o’clock, ultra-luminescent markers and reflector ring and a day date at three o’clock. The chronograph can be read on the 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour counters on the dial.

And all this comes with a two-year warranty at a price of $2,850.