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Top watch scenes in the movies

More and more watches are making their way into movies, as timepieces are a great way to show a character’s personality.

Here are some of our all-time favorite movie scenes featuring watches:



The Watch Scene: The watch in Interstellar plays a critical role in resolving the main conflict. No spoilers, but it is a great scene.

Watch Featured: special Hamilton watch made expressly for Interstellar at director Christopher Nolan’s request.

Men in Black

The Hamilton watch featured in this scene is the Hamilton MIB Men in Black II Pulsar P2 LCD Wrist Watch Limited Edition. A Hamilton Ventura also makes an appearance.

Pulp Fiction

The Gold Watch Monologue: Christopher Walken delivers one of the great movie monologues, all about a gold Rolex watch.

Trading Places

The Pawn Shop Scene: Dan Ackroyd’s poor little rich man in Trading Places needs cash fast, and wants to pawn his spectacular watch, the fictitious “Roche-Foucault, the thinnest water-resistant watch in the world.”

Casino Royale

Omega or Rolex? James Bond has worn either Rolex or Omega over the course of his career, but lately it has been Omega exclusively. In Casino Royale, he makes it clear his watch of choice, an Omega Seamaster.

The tuxedo

The Watch Scene: Superstar Jackie Chan goes undercover, wearing a high-tech tuxedo controlled by what looks like a smart watch. Hilarity ensues. This watch, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. It was made specifically for the movie.

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