Tutima and Tolga Break the World Record

Freediver Tolga Taskin plunged into an icy lake wearing a Tutima M2 Pioneer and came out a new Guinness World Record holder!

Tolga Taskin

Tolga Taskin is a German freediver and extreme athlete that goes literally where no man (or woman) has gone before. He is guided by an unconditional love of freediving, enjoying the absolute silence and darkness of the cold and lonely waters. Freediving is his passion and how he finds his peace.

He started his first company at the age of 23 and today at only 30 years old is the co-owner of the largest freediving school in Europe, where he coaches both beginners and trained athletes. He is an experienced producer for underwater productions, as well as a stunt double, actor, model, and inspirational speaker.

There seems to not be a lot that this man cannot do!

Tutima M2 Pioneer and Tolga Taskin break apnea dive world record - New Guiness World record 2020
Tutima M2 Pioneer and Tolga Taskin break apnea dive world record - New Guinness World record 2020

The new Guinness World Record for freediving

In February 2020, Tolga Taskin dove under the ice-covered Lake Weissensee in Austria swam down 74.8 meters and back up in a single breath. He carried no additional oxygen. The water was at the limit of freezing at only 1° Celsius. This mind-blowing accomplishment required him to not only hold his breath for two minutes and forty-three seconds but also suppress his breathing reflex in the icy waters for the same amount of time. An incredible physical and mental performance – and a new Guinness World Record!

Alexander Philipp, Tutima’s Glashütte manufacture manager was there during Taskin’s dive and says ” We literally trembled as we accompanied Tolga. We are thrilled to support Tolga Taskin on his breathtaking path to further records.”

Tutima M2 Flieger

The Tutima M2 Flieger was Taskin’s faithful companion on this amazing record-breaking dive. The M2 Pioneer is built to weather the most extreme challenges. The 46.5mm case is in pure titanium that has been tested and proven to resist up to thirty atmospheres pressure. Titanium is 50% lighter than steel and is also antimagnetic and resists rust and temperature fluctuations. The M2 Flieger has a water resistance of 300 meters, shock resistance to impacts, vibration, and acceleration up to 7 Gs. It features excellent visibility both in the water and out thanks to big indexes in superluminova, and a large red chronograph minutes counter hand. The uni-directional rotating bezel has eight deep grooves, which make the rotating ring easy to grasp and turn in both directions.

The M2 Pioneer comes with a titanium bracelet with a safety folding clasp and a black kevlar strap. The timepiece is powered by the Tutima self-winding Caliber 521 with a power reserve of 44 hours.

Tutima M2 Pioneer and Tolga Taskin break apnea dive world record - New Guinness World record 2020

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