Are you a watch geek? Take our quiz to find out

Only a true watch lover can get 18/20 on this horological quiz. The answers are below so no peaking before you get to the end.



1. Which watch brand dropped two watches off the Eiffel Tower to test their shock resistance (they both continued to function BTW)?

2. What is the oldest Swiss Watch brand in continuous operation?

3. Which celebrity bought a Rolex for his one-year old son?

4. Which watch holds the World Guinness Book of World Records for the best water resistance?

5. Which company sent free watches to prisoners of war during WWII, allowing them to settle their bills after the war?

6. What is the original meaning of the brand name Longines?

7. Which German watch company started by employing 15 basket weavers?

8. Which famous watch was inspired by the design of an old diver’s helmet?

9. If you were stranded in the desert with no cell phone network, which watch could send an SOS message to the military to come and save you?

10. Which watch brand also has a chain of luxury hotels?

11. Which watch brand had the very first radio commercial in the USA?

12. Which watch was designed after the brand’s owner saw an aerial photograph of a military tank?

13. Who makes the Cannes Film Festival’s trophy, the Palme d’Or?

14. Who makes the clocks for the United Nations?

15. Which watch manufacturer is housed in an old gas lamp factory?

16. Which watch brand has been featured the most in the movies?

17. Which watch brand joined forces with car designer F. A. Porsche in 1978 to make the first wristwatch with a built-in compass?

18. Which watch brand has the tagline “A creative adult is a child who survives?”

19. What are Panerai fans called?

20. Tennis legend Roger Federer was ambassador for which brand before he switched to Rolex?


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1. Wyler Geneve

2. Vacheron Constantin

3. DJ Khaled

4. Swiss Military Watch

5. Rolex

6. Long Meadows

7. Lange & Söhne

8. Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak

9. Breitling Emergency

10. Bulgari

11. Bulova – “At the tone, it’s 8pm Bulova Watch Time.”

12. Cartier’s Tank

13. Chopard

14. Patek Philippe

15. F. P. Journe

16. Hamilton

17. IWC

18. MB&F

19. Paneristi

20. Maurice Lacroix