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Those who love a good cigar know how to cherish time, so it makes perfect sense that they appreciate a fine timepieces too.



Hublot and Arturo Fuente

The partnership between Hublot and famous cigar maker Arturo Fuente started in 2012, the same year that the Fuente Foundation celebrated its centenary, and its cigared are ranked among the finest in the world. There are many similarities between the two companies, even if they make very different products. Both use only the finest materials, have a production organized into workshops and follow a quest for excellence. There have now been four limited edition timepiece produced to commemorate this partnership. Photographed here is the third, the Hublot Classic 45mm Fuente 20th Anniversary Special Edition models, which come in three different editions and are limited in production to 20 watches each. The timepieces were produced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fuente Opus X, the king of cigars, that is composed of nine leaves of tobacco (normally superior cigars have five) and was “laid down” for two years before export so that the different aromas could blend harmoniously together before they matured.

Price: Ceramic version USD 24,000, King Gold version USD 44,700.


Hublot cigars
The Fuente Opus X cigar and the Classic Fusion timepiece

The Swatch Cigar

The Swatch Group and fine cigars have a certain history together as the late Nicolas Hayek was a keen cigar smoker and was often photographed puffing away on a cigar. His son, Nick Hayek Junior, inherited his father’s passion and is also famous among the press for even smoking them during press conferences! The Swatch Cigar is a fun Swatch timepiece that features a picture of a cigar in its entirety, crossing the strap and the dial. A great gift for cigar lovers, this quartz watch was introduced in 1997 and although no longer in the brand’s current collection, you can find them on the second hand market.

Price: USD 60

Artya and the Son of the Earth Gold Tobacco

Artya’s Son of Earth Tobacco timepieces come in a number variations, but all feature real tobacco leaves on the dial. The leaves are carefully chosen in terms of their quality and coloring and future owners of the timepiece can chose whether they prefer tobacco leaves from Cuba, Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic, for example, or even tobacco leaves from their favorite brand of cigars. Artya also offers an even more personal service, where the client can have a watch made from a cigar from their own personal collection. The watch comes in a choice of two sizes – 42mm or 44mm – and comes in a classic round case shape with only three hands (hours, minutes and seconds) so as not to distract from the tobacco dial. Each timepiece also comes with a made-to-measure strap in a matching brown leather.

Price: CHF 35,000 in gold and CHF 5,900 in steel. 


Artya Son of Earth Tobacco

Zenith and Cohiba

Cohiba is one of the most famous names in the world of Cuban cigars and the word Cohiba means tobacco in the native language of Cuba’s indigenous Arawak people. The brand started out as a private label for Fidel Castro and quickly became one of the most recognizable luxury brand names. It is a relatively young company at just over 50 years old and for its big birthday it partnered with the Swiss watch brand Zenith for an exclusive edition of timepieces – The Zenith “Anniversary” El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition – featuring the Havana brown colors of the Cohiba brand on the dial and a sapphire caseback engraved with the Cohiba 50th anniversary logo.

Price: CHF 21,900 in gold and CHF 7,900 for a chronograph version in bronze. 

Zenith Cohiba
Zenith Cohiba

Buben & Zorweg’s safe for cigars, watches and wine

For lovers of fine timepieces and luxury cigars, the question is often how do you store them safely at home. The German safe maker, Buben & Zorweg, has the perfect solution with its Grand Aficionado Cabinet that keeps your cigars at the perfect temperature and humidity, along with a compartment for your timepiece and even space for your most treasured wines. The Grand Aficionado is crafted using the finest woods, leather and metals and even features a mechanical clock at the top made by a fine clockmaker in Germany. There are four doors in total, protecting each storage area, and the cabinet comes in two different versions – one that features more storage for wine and the other that has additional space and winders for timepieces. It is also possible to include a HiFi stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity and a smart phone docking system – a collector’s dream!

Price: On Request

Buben and Zorweg Safe
Buben & Zorweg Grand Aficionado Cabinet



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