A. Favre & Fils Watches

With roots dating back to 1718, A. Favre & Fils was relaunched by 10th-generation Laurent Favre in 2008 as a modern brand honoring its past with classical designs that boast innovative mechanics, displays, and more. In addition to its complex Phoenix collection, in 2019,  the brand became the first mechanical timepiece with a built-in Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet technology and state-of-the-art security.

History of A. Favre & Fils

In 1718 Abraham Favre became the apprentice of master watchmaker Daniel Gagnebin. He was eventually appointed the “master watchmaker” of Le Locle, Switzerland. However, the trademark “Abraham Favre et fils” was only deposited in 1792, four generations later, with the first timepieces under the name signed A. Favre et fils.

By 1815, The Favre family joined forces with another well-known man in watchmaking, Auguste Leuba, to form Favre Leuba. The Favres and the Leubas traveled the world together, presenting their timepieces to huge success. When business in Europe started slowing down, they worked to spread their name in Asia and especially made their mark in India.

Favre Leuba is forced to sell in 1976 due to the quartz crisis and the shutdown of foreign products of its main markets, India and Pakistan.

The 10th generation

Fast forward to 2010, and along comes Laurent Favre, a member of the 10th generation of the Favre family watchmaking legacy who decides to relaunch his original namesake – A. Favre et fils.

Laurent presented his first watch, the Phoenix 10.1, in 2010, followed by the Phoenix 10.2 shortly after that. In 2015, after five years of research and development, came the Phoenix 10.3.

Who owns A. Favre & Fils?

A. Favre & Fils is an independant watch brand owned by Laurent Favre.

Fun Fact

In 2019 Laurent launched a world first, a handcrafted mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto-wallet and state of the art security.

A. Favre & Fils Collections

  • Phoenix 10.1

  • Phoenix 10.2

  • Phoenix 10.3