Maurice de Mauriac Watches

This Swiss brand was founded at the end of the 20th century, by Daniel Dreifuss in 1997. The family-owned and operated business, located in Zurich,  creates mechanical watches with a minimalist design and a focus on colors and straps. It even worked with industrial designer Fabian Schwaerzler for its L-Series of timepieces. The watches predominantly fall in the under  $5,000 price range.

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History of Maurice de Mauriac

Daniel Dreifuss began his career as a banker in New York. A fast-paced environment where the motto is “Time is money”. When the financial markets crashed, Daniel took the opportunity to reinvent himself, turning away from the constant hunt for money and turned towards his passion, mechanical watches.

For over 25 years now, Daniel has been back in Switzerland, in the city of Zürich. He registered his brand, Maurice de Mauriac, in 1997 and devoted his time to selling his watches worldwide. A slower-paced lifestyle than the financial industry in New York and one he loves!

Maurice de Mauriac Workshop

Maurice de Mauriac’s workshop and store are located near the Paradeplatz in Zürich on a small street named Tödistrasse. When he is not traveling, Daniel is always present to meet with anyone who enters. Maurice de Mauriac is, above all, a family business. Both of his sons, Massimo and Leonard, have essential roles in the company. His wife Claudia Ginocchio has her painting studio just two doors down, and his youngest daughter fills him with ideas and inspiration.

Hundreds of Ideas

Daniel Dreifuss is the kind of man who has hundreds of ideas running through his head simultaneously. He considers new materials and production samples daily and reviews every new watch that comes out of production. He loves the contact with his clients, suppliers, and any person part of the Maurice de Mauriac brand family. He needs to get to know them and understand what moves them. He transforms all of this garnered information into ideas for new products, be it watches or watch straps.

Who Owns Maurice de Mauriac?

Maurice de Mauriac is an independent watch brand owned by its founder Danial Dreifuss. The company is based in Zürich, Switzerland, and is the first watch company branded with “Zürich.”

Fun Fact

Daniel Dreifuss is a man who thinks in terms of colors. He feels colors and even hears them. He takes the time to find the perfect color for each of his watches or straps, finding the optimal harmony between the visual and tactile feel.

Maurice de Mauriac Collections

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