Tockr Watches

A very new brand by today’s standards, Tockr™ is an American watch brand that was introduced in 2017. Founded by Austin Ivey out of Austin, Texas, (yes that is a coincidence), the aviation-inspired brand came to fruition because Ivey is a pilot and his grandfather was also a pilot who flew C-47 aircraft for the U.S. Army during World War II. For Ivey, starting the company was a way to combine his love of watches and flying and also honor his grandfather. The brand creates a variety of models, including the C47 and Air Defender,  and other aviation-related affiliations for its collections.

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History of Tockr

Tockr is a young watch company founded in 2017 that has gained a reputation for creating watches inspired by aviation and using unusual materials. The brand is known for its unique design methods, including dials made from historic aircraft or battleship materials. Tockr has managed to create a niche in the aviation aficionado community with its Air Defender chronographs and other aviation-inspired designs. The company has also produced limited-edition watches that preserve aviation history, such as the D-Day C-47 models, which feature dials made from metal sheets from the historic aircraft. 

Tockr watches are Swiss-made and have a distinct design inspired by aviation, particularly rotary engines. The brand has garnered attention for its innovative approach to watchmaking and its use of materials with historical significance.

The Inspiration Behind Tockr

Tockr was inspired to create watches by a deep connection to aviation and a desire to honor family history. The company’s founder, Austin Ivey, was influenced by his grandfather’s aviation legacy, particularly his experiences flying C-47 transport planes during World War II. This personal history led Ivey to establish a watch brand that pays homage to aviation and flying, creating Swiss-made timepieces with a distinct aviation-inspired design. The brand’s unique, rotary engine-inspired design and use of unusual materials have contributed to its success in the watchmaking industry.

Who Owns Tockr?

Tockr is owned by Austin Ivey, who is also the company’s founder. The brand was established in 2017 and has since gained recognition for its aviation-inspired timepieces, which are Swiss-made and headquartered in Austin, Texas. 

Fun Fact

His grandfather’s aviation legacy inspired Tockr’s founder, Austin Ivey, to create the company. His grandfather, Eugene Xerxes Martin, Jr., flew C-47 Skytrain transport planes during World War II, and this family history significantly influenced the establishment of Tockr. The brand’s connection to aviation and its unique design approach are rooted in this personal and historical inspiration.