Zeitwinkel Watches

With a name derived from a unit of measurement used to calculate local time, Zeitwinkel is an independent Swiss watch brand that was founded just a few years ago. In its Manufacture in St-Imier, the brand hand finishes and assembles all of the watches and works only with Swiss Jura region suppliers for its parts. Zeitwinkel takes great care when it comes to detail, too, especially with its finely finished movements and exceptional dials. Prices predominantly fall in the $6,000 to $10,000 range.

History of Zeitwinkel

Zeitwinkel is a relatively young brand that creates classical mechanical watches. The founders, Ivica Maksimovic, a design professor, and Peter Nikolaus, a watch enthusiast, started working on Zeitwinkel in 2006. The Zeitwinkel manufacture is in Saint Imier in the Jura, Switzerland. All of their watches are Swiss Made, and each watch comes with its proprietary in-house movement.

At the very beginning, when Zeitwinkel started developing its in-house movements, they didn’t know what their watches were going to look like. Before having any watches to show, the founders created a website that featured contributions from different artists and authors to start communicating with future customers. The first watches were available in 2009.

All Zeitwinkel watches feature in-house movements and comes in a case size of 39mm or 42.5mm. Every Zeitwinkel watch and movement is assembled by hand by one of Zeitwinkel’s watchmakers.

Zeitwinkel – The Name

Zeitwinkel is derived from a unit of measurement used to calculate the “true local time.” It also translates into “time angle,” a reference to a sundial.

Who Owns Zeitwinkel?

Zeitwinkel is an independant brand owned by its two founders, Ivica Maksimovic and Peter Nikolaus.

Fun fact

Zeitwinkel developed and registered their font called “Zeitwinkel,” which they use in all of the brand’s communications, including the engravings on its movements.

Zeitwinkel Collections

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