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Watchmaking workshop for girls

The Watch Pages holds a watchmaking workshop at the Expanding Your Horizons Science Event in Geneva. This free event aims to encourage young girls to consider careers typically held by men.


Watchmaking workshop for girls
Watchmaking workshop for girls


Careers in STEM for girls

Careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are mostly dominated by men, with young girls often not even considering them as options. The organization Expanding Your Horizons Geneva set out to change all that by holding a full day of workshops exclusively for young girls between the ages of 11 and 14 to encourage them to explore different STEM careers.

Geneva University

Over 450 girls attended the free event that was held at Geneva University, in French and English, and featured 26 workshops on a whole range of fun topics, including electronic jewelry, drones for tomorrow’s mobility, artificial intelligence, cryptography, circuits of light, personalized medicine and biodiversity in your garden, to name just a few.

The Watch Pages

The Watch Pages’ editor Sophie Furley joined the fun by holding a watchmaking workshop together with Carole Kasapi-Forestier and Charlotte Henocq from Richemont to let these young engineers explore the world of horology.


Watchmaking workshop for girls


Watchmaking and Design

The workshop was divided into two parts. The first was to build a clock and the second was to design a watch. The clock construction was a huge hit as the young ladies followed Carole Kasapi-Forestier’s instructions to assemble the chiming mechanism, the wheel train and the pendulum. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but the girls soon got the hang of it and enjoyed seeing their mechanism actually work and indicate the correct time.


Plastic watch cogs for building a clock
Carole Forestier teaching girls how to make a clock


Designing a watch dial

The second part of the workshop involved designing a watch dial with each young lady coming up with her own creative ideas starting from a template of a Cartier or Jaeger-LeCoultre case shape. With boxes of coloured pencils and sparkly stickers for precious gemstones, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the artistic challenge.


Watchmaking workshop for girls
Watchmaking workshop for girls
Watchmaking workshop for girls, design class


The next Expanding Your Horizons Science Event

Everyone enjoyed the event and got to leave with a working clock and their watch design. The next Expanding Your Horizons Science Event will be in 2021, but there are a host of science activities and visits in the Geneva area on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. Girls can discover the work of an air traffic controller, fly drones in a wind tunnel, or simply discover the mathematics involved in baking a cake. For details see

If you don’t live in Switzerland, check out the nearest Expanding Your Horizons organization closest to you here.


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