Riskers Watches

Riskers is a new French brand that celebrates all risk-takers. Each of its timepieces tells the incredible stories of ordinary heroes and financially supports their humanitarian causes. True masterpieces with luxurious finishes, the Riskers watch invites you on an intense journey and join a community animated by the same values.

History of Riskers

Riskers Watches is a brand inspired by the 1st World War trench watch, a legendary model that celebrates those who take risks for others. The company was co-founded by Pierre Guerrier, who previously worked for Piaget, and serial entrepreneur Thomas Noël, along with other ex-Richemont employees.

The brand’s timepieces are linked to stories of heroism and recall the earliest artisanal World War One trench watches. Riskers honors real-life heroes with its inaugural line of trench-watch-inspired timepieces, paying tribute to the brave soldiers of the First World War who first popularized the wristwatch tradition.

The brand’s first watch, the Riskers Prolog I, and Chapter I is a value proposition launch that revisits history when wristwatches were rare and timepieces were essential for soldiers on the battlefield. The company’s focus on celebrating bravery and honoring real-life heroes is evident in its design and brand philosophy.

Where Did the Name Riskers Come From?

“Riskers” was chosen to reflect the brand’s philosophy and inspiration. It represents an adventure and a belief, aiming to treat people as more than just targets and to provide meaning, authenticity, and real connections. The name embodies the concept of celebrating all individuals who take risks every day, both in the past and the present, and it is linked to stories of heroism, mainly inspired by the First World War. The brand’s logo represents a group of men united behind the concept of taking risks for others, reflecting the human adventure that the brand seeks to express.

Who Owns Riskers?

Riskers Watches is owned by its co-founders Pierre Guerrier, who previously worked for Piaget, and serial entrepreneur Thomas Noël, along with other ex-Richemont Group executives. The brand is inspired by the acts of bravery and heroism committed by ordinary people and aims to pay tribute to those who risk their lives to safeguard others.

Fun Fact

Riskers Watches was founded by a group of about ten former Richemont Group employees who had previously worked at prestigious brands such as Cartier, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, and Baume & Mercier.