Louis Moinet Watches

Easily one of the most creative independent watch brands on the market, Louis Moinet has rich roots that date back to the 19th century, when Louis Moinet, watchmaker, scientist, inventor and more, created the very first chronograph watch in 1816. The company was relaunched in 2004 under the direction of Jean-Marie Schaller, who takes everything he does for this brand to new heights. It is known for its use of meteorites, fossils, bones, and even scarabs, along with its expertise in astronomical indications.

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History of Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet, born on May 28, 1768, was a pioneering watchmaker and inventor whose contributions to horology left an indelible mark on the history of timekeeping. Moinet trained as a watchmaker under the renowned master watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who would become a lifelong influence on his work. Moinet’s exceptional skills and innovative mindset soon earned him recognition as a talented craftsman.

In 1806, Moinet created the “Compteur de Tierces,” a timekeeping device capable of accurately measuring fractions of a second. This invention was revolutionary at the time and brought Moinet considerable acclaim. The Compteur de Tierces laid the foundation for future advancements in chronometry and paved the way for the development of high-precision timekeeping instruments. Moinet’s reputation as a gifted watchmaker grew, and he became the go-to horologist for influential figures of his era, including Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Another notable achievement of Moinet was the creation of the “Gilded Timepiece.” Completed in 1811, this extraordinary pocket watch was adorned with a world map crafted from various precious metals. The dial featured a rotating 24-hour indicator, a remarkable display of horological ingenuity. The Gilded Timepiece showcased Moinet’s ability to merge artistry and precision, establishing him as a master of his craft. Moinet’s expertise extended beyond watchmaking, encompassing a wide range of mechanical inventions. He designed and constructed various astronomical instruments, including the world’s first chronograph. Sadly, Moinet’s exceptional career was not without its challenges. Financial difficulties forced him to sell his workshop in Paris in 1816. 

As of 2004, the history of Louis Moinet took a significant turn with the introduction of Jean-Marie Schaller as the brand’s owner. Jean-Marie Schaller recognized the extraordinary legacy of Louis Moinet and sought to revive the brand in honor of its namesake. Schaller understood the importance of Louis Moinet’s contributions to the world of horology and aimed to preserve his innovative spirit while infusing it with a modern touch. Schaller’s vision went beyond merely replicating Moinet’s past achievements. He sought to push the boundaries of horology, introducing modern complications and design elements while staying true to the spirit of innovation that Moinet embodied. Louis Moinet’s legacy and Jean-Marie Schaller’s vision intertwined, propelling the brand to new heights while paying homage to the master watchmaker who had revolutionized the world of timekeeping centuries ago.

Louis Moinet – The World’s First Chronograph

Louis Moinet invented the world’s first chronograph in 1816, revolutionizing timekeeping. His groundbreaking creation featured a central hand operated by a pusher, allowing for precise measurement of time intervals. The chronograph’s impact extended to scientific research, astronomy, and sports timing, making it an indispensable tool. While initially overlooked, Moinet’s invention eventually gained recognition as a significant advancement in chronometry. Today, the chronograph remains a popular and widely used complication in watchmaking, cementing Moinet’s legacy as an innovative horologist.

Stone and Meteor Dials

Louis Moinet watches have gained a reputation for their exceptional use of stone and meteor dials, elevating the art of horology to new heights. These timepieces showcase the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and its desire to incorporate rare and extraordinary materials. The dials are meticulously crafted, featuring exquisite stones sourced from around the world, such as malachite, lapis lazuli, or onyx. Additionally, Louis Moinet takes this aesthetic to another level by incorporating fragments of meteorites into their dials, creating a mesmerizing fusion of celestial beauty and meticulous watchmaking. The use of these unique materials not only adds a captivating visual appeal but also symbolizes the brand’s connection to the cosmos and the universe’s eternal mysteries. 

Who Owns Louis Moinet?

Jean-Marie Schaller is the owner of Louis Moinet, having taken ownership of the brand in 2004. Schaller, a passionate watch enthusiast, and entrepreneur, recognized the historical significance and untapped potential of Louis Moinet. With a deep appreciation for the legacy of the master watchmaker, Schaller set out to revive the brand and honor its namesake. Under Schaller’s ownership, Louis Moinet continues to push the boundaries of horology, introducing cutting-edge complications and materials. 

Fun Fact

Ateliers Louis Moinet holds a Guinness World Record for creating the “Memoris,” the world’s first watch to feature a fully functional chronograph on the dial side. This extraordinary timepiece was introduced in 2015.

As for Jean-Marie Schaller, a fascinating fact is that he is not only a prominent figure in the watch industry but also a passionate musician. Schaller is known for his love of music, particularly playing the guitar.