About Us

The Watch Pages was started by Susanne Samuelsson. The idea for the site came about because people were often asking for advice about which watch they should buy. The more this happened — and it happened a lot — the more I realized that searching for a watch online is a minefield of information.

The individual brand websites are great, but there are hundreds of watch brands in Switzerland alone, so checking out each page individually would take you weeks, and that’s if you know the names of all the brands. If you try Google, you will most probably stumble across a mix of second-hand dealers, technical watch websites, forums, blogs, and some very dodgy characters.

There is nowhere you can really search for all the new watches on the planet, compare models, check prices, and discover new brands all in the same place. That is, until now!

The Watch Pages features over 160 brands and thousands and thousands of watches (and it is growing every week). If you are a newbie to our industry, searching for a watch is as simple as finding a vacation home on Airbnb, or ordering a new pair of shoes online — you just choose your preferences in our filters and let our search find you the perfect watch. And if you are a bit of an expert, you can have a lot of fun with our advanced filters and search watch functions and complications to your heart’s content.

In addition to the most amazing watch database you will ever find, the website also includes numerous articles to give you ideas, to help you make the right purchase and discover more about the wonders of watches.

The Watch Pages is a play on words from the retro yellow telephone directory, The Yellow Pages. If you are over 40, you’ll probably remember it fondly with its catchy tagline “Let your fingers do the walking”. If you are under 40 and this means absolutely nothing to you, do not panic, all you need to know is that The Watch Pages is the ultimate resource if you are looking for a new watch.

I started this website over two years ago and it has been quite the journey. I completely underestimated just how much time it would take, but I am thrilled to finally be online! I really hope you enjoy exploring and researching the perfect watch for yourself or a loved one. The journey is often as fun as the purchase.

Susanne Samuelsson, founder of The Watch Pages

More about us

Susanne Samuelsson is from Sweden but has lived in Switzerland for most of her life. She has spent the last 20 years working for luxury watch publications in sales and marketing. She has worked for Europa Star, Revolution, Elite Traveler, Quintessentially and The Rake. She loves wearing men’s timepieces and since she started The Watch Pages has a list as long as your arm of new watches she would love to buy!