Our brand partners provide manufacturer warranties for every product available in our store. For warranty details specific to each brand, please consult the list below.


Your Bausele watch comes with a two-year warranty starting from the date indicated on the warranty certificate, which is signed and stamped by Bausele. It’s important to note that any maintenance or repair on your Bausele watch should be exclusively performed by a Bausele-approved service and repair center. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the invalidation of the International Warranty.


Your CODE41 watch comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of delivery, and in some cases, a 3-year warranty is provided, about which you are informed at the time of delivery. The company takes great care to ensure that each product strictly adheres to its quality standards and passes all technical and aesthetic inspections. A product is deemed defective if damaged upon receipt or if a manufacturing defect is reported in line with the warranty terms within the specified timeframe.
The user can return the product for repair if a defect is discovered within the warranty period. Defects must be reported within 5 working days to maintain warranty rights. It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage to leather watch straps from water contact unless they have been waterproofed. The company reserves the right to refuse warranty claims for legitimate reasons such as expired warranty or improper use. Under the warranty, CODE41 may choose to repair or replace defective products, but repair times are not guaranteed. A full refund is offered if a product cannot be repaired or replaced.


Your Delbana watch, crafted in Switzerland, reflects the highest precision and meticulous craftsmanship standards by their expert watchmakers, employing contemporary technical techniques. Delbana offers a 2-year international warranty covering manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. Please note, however, that this warranty does not extend to damage caused by improper handling, nor does it cover batteries, crystals, and strap/bracelet damages.


Your Delma watch, meticulously crafted in our Swiss atelier, showcases exceptional precision and detailed craftsmanship, thanks to their adept watchmakers employing advanced technical processes. Delma is committed to upholding the highest quality standards for its products. Every component of your watch is made from premium materials and undergoes thorough testing in their atelier. Delma offers a 2-year international warranty from the date of purchase, covering any manufacturing defects. This warranty specifically addresses issues related to materials and manufacturing defects.


Ikepod offers a 2-year warranty on all their timepieces, reflecting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty is specifically designed to cover any manufacturing defects, ensuring your Ikepod watch meets the high standards of craftsmanship and performance promised. Please be aware, however, that this warranty does not cover any damage that may occur due to accidental mishandling, improper use, or other forms of wear and tear. Ikepod strives to provide a superior product and peace of mind in your investment. We encourage you to handle your watches with care to maintain their pristine condition. Should you encounter any manufacturing defects within the 2-year warranty period, we are here to assist and ensure your Ikepod timepiece remains a symbol of excellence and durability.


Klokers® is dedicated to providing you with exceptional satisfaction through their commitment to delivering products of the highest quality. Your Kloker watch comes with a 2-year international warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. In the event of an unforeseen and irreparable issue within these 24 months, Klokers® guarantees the replacement of your watch, ensuring your peace of mind. It is important to be aware that this warranty does not include damage resulting from improper use or handling. Additionally, it does not apply to batteries, crystals, or any harm to the straps or bracelets of the watch.