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The Frederique Constant brand was founded in 1988 by Peter Stas and Aletta Bax, a husband and wife team who wanted to create top-quality watches that also delivered reasonable and fair prices. Frederique Constant’s quality and affordable prices for complications (at one point introducing an $80,000 tourbillon at an age where that was unheard of) quickly put it on the map. The brand, today under the ownership of the Citizen Group, is a fully integrated Manufacture with dozens of calibers and patents.

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History of Frédérique Constant

Frédérique Constant was established in 1988 by Dutch entrepreneurs, and husband and wife team, Peter and Aletta Stas. They started the company with the goal to produce technically sound watches with mechanical movements at affordable prices. 

Frederique Constant released its first watches in 1992, a collection of six prototype watches using Swiss movements supplied by ETA. Peter displayed the prototype collection at a watch and jewelry show in Hong Kong, which led to the brand receiving its first order of 300 watches.

Exactly two years later, in 1994, the brand launched its Heart Beat model, which featured Sellita movements. The Heart Beat became the brand’s signature model, with the balance wheel visible through the dial, a look that many watch companies use today. 

Aletta and her husband diversified their business and bought Swiss sports watch manufacturer Alpina Watches in 2002 and later, started Ateliers deMonaco SA in 2008.

Together with the École d’Horlogerie de Genève, Frederique Constant developed its first watch movement called the Heart Beat Manufacture caliber in 2004. One of the characteristics of Heart Beat is that the bridge is attached to the front of the balance wheel. In October 2007, The company introduced the Heart Beat Calibre FC 935 Silicium with silicon escapement wheel.

From its original Heart Beat in 2004, Frederique Constant has grown into one of Switzerland’s largest watch manufacturers with a total of 15 different in-house movements. Frederique Constant positions itself in the accessible luxury segment, with most of its watches selling for between CHF 1,000 and 5,000.

The First Hybrid Manufacture Smartwatch

In 2018, Frederique Constant introduced the world’s first mechanical smartwatch, the Hybrid Manufacture Smartwatch. This horological masterpiece bridged the gap between mechanical timepieces and smartwatches with automated timekeeping and intelligent features.

Frederique Constant’s Charitable Activities

Since 2000, the Frederique Constant Foundation has actively supported heart-health-related charities. In 2014, Frederique Constant participated in a global survey on perception and awareness of heart disease conducted by the World Heart Federation in Brazil, India, the UK, and the USA. As part of its Double Heart Beat Collection, In 2016, Frederique Constant donated $50 from each sale of a Double Heart Beat to various charities devoted to heart health and child welfare. 

Who Owns Frederique Constant?

The Japanese company Citizen Holdings has owned Frederique Constant and its subsidiaries, Alpina Watches SA and Ateliers deMonaco SA, since July 2016.

Fun Fact – Peking to Paris

Frederique Constant has always been involved in motorsports, particularly in the world of vintage car rallies. In 2016 they became the official timekeeper and exclusive sponsor of the legendary Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, initially held in 1907, is an automobile race between Peking and Paris, totaling 14,994 kilometers (9,317 miles).

Frederique Constant Collections

Manufacture Collection

The Frederique Constant Manufacture Collection shows the brand’s technical expertise and mechanical understanding. All of the timepieces in the Manufacture collection are powered by Frederique Constant’s in-house calibers.

Classics Collection

The Frederique Constant Classics Collection is notable for its timeless design, pure lines, durability, and reliability. The Classic collection of timepieces ensures supreme performance with meticulous craftsmanship.

Highlife Collection

The Frederique Constant Highlife Collection first launched over 20 years ago. This collection features an integrated bracelet built into the case. In 2020 the collection was updated, and new models like the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture and the Highlife Heart Beat were added.

Slimline Collection

Slimline by Frederique Constant offers dress watches that perfectly complement business attire. This collection features minimalist designs and flat cases for both men and women. The most impressive timepieces in the series have 18-karat rose gold cases and automatic movements.

Ladies Automatic Collection

Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic timepieces take their inspiration from the values and aspirations of today’s women. Classic and sophisticated, stylish and elegant, this collection exhibits the femininity and sophistication that defines modern women.

Yacht Timer Collection

The Frederique Constant Yacht Timer collection pays tribute to the world of sailing, which is also a part of Dutch history and the brand’s roots. Models include the Yacht Timer GMT and the Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown.

Runabout Collection

The Runabout collection pays homage to Frederique Constant’s collaboration with the Riva Historical Society, dedicated to preserving and restoring classic Runabout boats. Each year, Frederique Constant creates a limited-edition Runabout watch in honor of this partnership.

Vintage Rally Healey Collection

The Vintage Rally Healey Collection honors Frederique Constant’s collaboration with the Austin-Healey automobile brand. Frederique Constant has a long-standing history of supporting vintage car rallies, enabling the company to create genuinely modern designs that appeal to people who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Smartwatch Collection

This collection of smart wristwatches by Frédérique Constant features a variety of functions, such as an activity tracker, sleep monitor, smart alarm, Dynamic Coach, and active alerts.