Delma Watches

A family-owned company since 1924, Delma has always focused on offering highly functional watches at reasonable prices. It created its first chronograph in 1946, its first racing timepiece with tachymeter in 1954, and its first dive watch in 1969. Today, Delma continues to create sporty, useful tool watches for diving, racing, and more.

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History of Delma

A. & A. Gilomen S.A. was founded in 1924 by two brothers, Adolf and Albert Gilomen, in Lengnau, Switzerland. The first recorded appearance of the Delma logo on a pocket or wristwatch was in 1933, followed by the first chronograph in 1946. It appears in records under the name Midland and marked the beginning of Delma’s sports watch collection.

The company was renamed Delma Watch Ltd. in 1966, following a takeover by Ulrich Wüthrich & Partner. Today the company operates worldwide and is present in over 80 countries. They are known for their excellent price-to-performance ratio and attractive models.

Delma and Diving Watches

Delma presented its first watch with increased water resistance in 1969 – The Periscope. This model represents the start of Delma’s diving watch tradition. Two new diving lines were introduced in 1975, the Shell Star and the Quattro, both for professional scuba divers. These stainless steel models with rotating bezels remain extremely popular still today.

The first Blue Shark I joined the collection in 2011. A genuinely exceptional diving watch with water resistance to 3000 m / 9900 ft fitted with all the latest technological advancements. By 2019 the Delma Blue Shark III emerged as one of the most robust divers’ watches on the market. A whopping water resistance to 4000 meters / 13120 ft, proving once again Delma’s dominance in the diving watch market.

Who owns Delma?

Delma is still an independent family-owned company based in Lengnau, Switzerland.

Fun Fact

Delma’s diving watches exceed the normal ISO 6425 standards for professional divers’ watches. All of their models come with a screw-down crown and case back, a unidirectional bezel, and in some cases, a helium valve.


Blue Shark IV

DELMA’s Blue Sharks have consistently surpassed the standards of durability, and the fourth iteration is designed to withstand depths up to an astounding 5000 meters. Standing as one of the most robust divers’ watches in existence, the Blue Shark IV represents DELMA’s pinnacle in professional diving timepieces.


The Cayman collection offers classic diver watches for men with a bidirectional bezel and either a world timer or 3-hand version and a choice of quartz or automatic. The timepieces are reminiscent of DELMA’s skin divers’ watches from the 1970s, a period when diving for leisure gained worldwide popularity.


Drawing inspiration from the instrument panels of both vintage and contemporary aircraft, the Commander is a signature timepiece for confident men who aim to excel in their domain.


Taking inspiration from DELMA’s 1960s watch designs, the Continental honors the inventive spirit of that era. The timepieces enhance the original with contemporary finishes and characteristics, showcasing DELMA’s dedication to progress and quality.


The Heritage is a classic dress watch for men that is inspired by Delma’s earlier timepieces. The case is both refined and elegant with its slim indexes and sunray-brushed dial.


Launched in 1991, the Klondike is Delma’s signature line for men. The hallmark collection embodies DELMA’s excellence in design and artisanship. The Klondike stands as a testament to their capability to craft elegant watches with advanced features and detailed embellishments.


The Montego showcases outstanding design and accuracy. It’s a notable advancement from Delma’s initial Montego, merging the strength of its previous, sought-after model with improved features and a sophisticated demeanor. This new automatic chronograph, featuring a standout Tachymeter function, sets itself apart as a prestigious racing watch.

Ocean Master

The Oceanmaster is inspired by Delma’s collaboration with the IMOCA Ocean Masters and has unique features for nautical navigation and tactical planning. The Oceanmaster collection takes DELMA’s racing series to new heights with timepieces inspired by and made for open sea adventures and more. With many maritime features, the Oceanmaster is a fashionable must-have for both avid sailors and coastal aficionados.


Drawing from Delma’s roots in sports watches and 1940s airplanes, the Pioneer is a quintessential watch designed to accompany every adventurer on their journey to triumph. The Pioneer comes in a large 45mm diameter stainless steel case in four color choices for the dial and two metal finishes for the bracelet.


The sporty DELMA Quattro stands out with its balanced design, made even more unique by its concealed screw-down crown. Beyond its appearance, it boasts adaptability. With the unique Rapid Bracelet Exchange System (RBES), you can swiftly change the case from a bracelet to a rubber strap or incorporate a specially crafted decompression plate, all without requiring any tools.


With its timeless design and essential functions, the Santiago stands as Delma’s top choice of divers’ watches for both men and women. Boasting moderate sizing typical for a divers’ timepiece and offered in a unique mix of colors and materials, it’s geared for intense diving while gaining admiration wherever it goes.

Shell Star

The legacy of the Shell Star dates back to 1975 when DELMA introduced its inaugural professional divers’ watch. This iconic watch set a benchmark for the brand, paving the way for an extensive line of divers’ timepieces. The return of Delma’s first professional divers’ watch for men relaunched in 2016 equipped with a helium valve and water-resistant to 500m.


The Rialto is an everyday timepiece for men and women with a modern yet classic design.


With their polished and classic look, the Rimini timepieces are the perfect companion for aspiring and successful women.