F.P.Journe Watches

It was nearly 40 years ago that Francois-Paul Journe unveiled his first pocket watch to the world (in 1983). Meticulously handcrafted with splendid attention to chronometry and detail, the watch left an indelible benchmark standard in the eyes of collectors. Since then, F.P.Journe continues to be one of the most sought-after watch brands by collectors around the world. The F.P.Journe Haute Horology timepieces are exclusive, complex masterpieces.

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History of F.P.Journe

François-Paul Journe is an independent master watchmaker who has been conceiving and manufacturing Haute Horology timepieces for over forty years. His horological history expertise and knowledge have led him to show a timeless consistency in his research and innovation.

The F.P.Journe manufacture embodies excellence, know-how, and innovation. Only nine hundred precision chronometers are produced annually in an endless journey for perfection. Each caliber is made of precious 18K rose gold, a unique feature of F.P.Journe. It is entirely conceived and made in the Geneva Manufacture and bears the engraved inscription Invenit et Fecit, a hallmark of authenticity and quality seal. This inscription was engraved on watches manufactured by eighteenth-century French master-watchmakers upon their acceptance at the Royal Academy of Sciences.

The components are decorated, polished, and beveled by hand with precise and patiently repeated gestures until they are flawless, even though some parts are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. The movements are assembled from beginning to end by the same watchmaker, a long-lost art in today’s industrial watchmaking. F.P.Journe prides itself on its vertical production. The dials and cases are also made in-house and blend perfectly with the movement.

A Success Story

F.P.Journe offers a spiritual journey to its clients. Its exceptional horological creations have spanned over decades, showcasing an outstanding pedigree from the astounding Astronomic Souveraine, the ultra-slim Répétition Souveraine, the emblematic Chronomètre à Résonance, the Chronomètre Optimum, to the amazing Octa automatic caliber with a 5 days power reserve. These exceptional watch creations have granted F.P.Journe the awarding of the most important international watch Prizes worldwide.

Who Owns F.P.Journe?

F.P.Journe is an independent watch brand owned by its founder Francois-Paul Journe. In 2018, Chanel acquired 20% for an undisclosed amount.

Fun Fact

At the age of 16, Francois-Paul Journe was expelled from the first watchmaking school he attended in his hometown of Marseille. Today he is one of the most influential and respected master watchmakers of our times.

F.P.Journe Collections

Classique Collection

The Classique Collection includes many of the masterpieces that made F.P.Journe as famous as he is today. The F.P.Journe Chronomètre à résonance is the only wristwatch that uses natural physical resonance without any mechanical transmission method. The Astronomic Souveraine is a grand complication watch equipped with a movement made up of 758 components. With 18 functions and complications, it is the most complex model in the classic collection. However, the case is no larger than 44 mm in diameter and 13.70 mm thick, which makes it a resolutely functional model. The list of accomplishments is long.

lineSport Collection

The lineSport Collection, as the name suggests, is the sporty line from F.P.Journe. The timepieces come in a 44 mm case size in various luxurious materials like red gold and platinum. These models are also offered in titanium with a movement in Aluminium alloy. Powered by the Journe Calibre 1300.3, 1518, or 1506. 

élégante Collection

The élégante Collection is the first Collection by F.P.Journe dedicated initially to women. Housed in a titanium flat tortue® case, the watches are powered by an electromechanical movement with more than eight years of autonomy. Lightweight and elegant with or without diamonds, there is an élégante for every woman. As of 2016, the élégante collection is also available for men with the élégante 48, which is also perfect for women who are looking for a larger size.