Access over 90 years of watchmaking archives

Europa Star, the world’s oldest watch magazine in continuous operation since 1927, is offering subscriptions to view the digitized back issues of its magazines, tracing watch history from a totally new perspective.


Europa Star is by far the world’s oldest watch magazine and has been in continuous operation since 1927, surviving world wars and the quartz crisis. I  had the great pleasure of working as their Managing Editor earlier in my career and would often spend my lunch hour browsing through back issues that were meticulously classified in the company’s Geneva offices.

The archives

I particularly enjoyed looking through issues from the 1940s to see how the watch industry coped during WW2 with shortages of metals and materials. Issues from the 1960s and 70s were also intriguing with their advertisements that hark back to a different era.

Every decade details the trends and challenges the watch industry has faced over time, offering a fresh look at watchmaking history through the eyes of watch-specialized journalists.


Europa Star Archives

The Europa Star club

This year the publication is offering a unique Europa Star Club Membership to view all these amazing articles and old-time advertisements. So far, Europa Star has digitized 100,000 pages of archives, covering 70 years of its history, going back to the 1950s. The scanning process is ongoing and soon they will include all their issues from 1927 to the present day.

Once a member, users can browse through copies or search using an optimized search tool that allows them to find information on specific brands, watches, movements or topics.

The Europa Star subscription

The Europa Star subscription is the perfect tool for those fascinated by watchmaking history. Watch lovers can look back at reviews of iconic timepieces the year they came out or research the original watches behind the numerous vintage re-issues, for example. The subscription also makes a great gift for any budding watch aficionado.

The price

The price of a subscription is CHF 99 for access to the archives, and for CHF 199, watch lovers can receive copies of the latest Europa Star magazine delivered directly to their door too.

But don’t take our word for it, check it out on the Europa Star website at www.europastar.com/club




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