Access over 70 years of watchmaking archives

Europa Star launched in 1927 making it the world’s oldest watch magazine. All of Europa Star’s editions since 1950 are now available online.

Swiss publishing house Europa Star, which specializes in watch publications, has digitized more than 100,000 pages of its magazines issued over the last 70 years. Through a subscription-based platform, professionals and enthusiasts can browse the archives of the horological press for lost treasures and surprises of all kinds.

70 years of watch history

At a time when watchmaking heritage is playing a more prominent role than ever before, Europa Star has embarked on an initiative that will delight aficionados. The Geneva-based family-owned publishing company founded in 1927, specializing in watch publications, is offering online access to every issue from the last 70 years, by subscription.

Europa Star Archives

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A powerful search engine makes it easy to navigate the publications using keywords. Alternatively, it’s also possible to read complete issues one by one.

In addition to conducting specific searches, it’s also possible to make fascinating discoveries, through these hundreds of issues, about the spirit of each horological era. From the 1950s, marked by classic elegance, to the 1960s, when new horizons were explored; from the 1970s to the 1990s and the reinvention of Swiss watchmaking, along with the appearance of many new faces in the 2000s.

Every subscription package also provides priority access to the latest issues of Europa Star, in their digital format. The funds raised through these subscriptions will enable them to digitize new decades of publications, from the 1920s to the 1940s. By subscribing, you can breathe new life into the archive, with many more surprises in store!

The price

Subscriptions start at 99 CHF/year, and multi-user packages and document downloads are also available.

But don’t take our word for it, check it out on the Europa Star website at www.europastar.com/club

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