History of Anonimo

Anonimo was founded in Florence in 1997 by Federico Massacesi, several years before the revival of the mechanical wristwatch. Ahead of his time, Massacesi’s mission was to develop Florence’s watchmaking traditions by creating a collection of purely mechanical timepieces that would elegantly marry form and function. Luck was on his side when one of Italy’s oldest and most respected watchmakers – Panerai – decided to relocate to Switzerland. Many of Panerai’s watchmakers and artisans did not wish to follow the brand; instead, they joined Massacesi, and together they created Anonimo.

The collections

In 2003, Dr. Dino Zei, a well known and respected engineer, and the X-CEO of Panerai joined Anonimo and developed the Nautilo collection, the brand’s first diving watches. Anonimo has made a name for itself in the world of professional diving, and The Nautilo collection is still part of the Anonimo collection today. Other collections include the sporty Militare collection and the Epurato collection, which offers an elegant and more classic look.

The Move to Switzerland

To benefit from the watchmaking know-how available in Switzerland, Anonimo decided to move the brand there in 2013. The brand is still very in touch with its Italian roots, though.

Anonimo’s philosophy

The brand’s philosophy is that of a sharing of emotions and passions. Anonimo remains faithful to it’s Italian origins, which stand for living a joyful life full of happiness and passion. They are true to their Swiss influence by producing Swiss-made watches of high quality. The elegance of their watches speaks to open-minded and caring people for whom it is essential to nurture both their own life and that of others. Their hashtag #ShareYourPassionsByAnonimo perfectly sums it up!

Where the name comes from

The name ANONIMO comes from the desire of the brand to be completely open. It chose to put the product at the forefront, rather than the brand itself, as an expression of the wearer’s personality. The numerals’ position at 4, 8, and 12 o’clock on each dial form the letter “A” of Anonimo.

Military standards

The majority of Anonimo’s timepieces are designed to military standards with impressive water resistance and diving features, offering robust and reliable tool watches. With watches that sporty and sturdy, it is only logical that they are the official timer of The FIA WRC – World Rally Championship, as well as an official partner of Leopard Racing. In 2019, Anonimo became an official co-sponsor of the Nendaz Freeride, one of the three biggest freeride rendez-vous’s in the world.

Bronze watches

Anonimo was producing bronze watches long before the current trend for bronze took hold. They are a pioneer in the use of bronze and were the first ever to make a diving watch in bronze. Bronze is very resistant to corrosion, with the slight surface oxidization acting as a protection from further attacks.

The position of the crown

Each of Anonimo’s three collections has the crown at a different position. The Militare collection is characterized by an innovative crown sealed by an ingenious mechanism located at 12 o’clock, the Nautilo collection features the crown at 4 o’clock, and the Epurato collection features the crown is at its traditional position at 3 o’clock.

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