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Corum’s Lab 01 Damascus Steel

First created in late 2018, the Corum Heritage Lab 01 unveils two new additions to the collection in Damascus steel.


Corum Heritage Lab

Everything you need to know about the Corum Heritage Lab 01 Damascus Steel

New cases in Damascus steel

The Corum Heritage LAB 01 now comes in Damascus steel, which marks the first time the brand has used this material. Damascus steel is a material that is best-known in the production of knives and swords. It is instantly recognizable thanks to its wavy pattern. The history of the metal goes back to the 4th Century A.D. and the ancient city of Damascus, which was well known for its weapon manufactures and metallurgical prowess. The material was a favorite choice for weapons as it is exceptionally hard and resistant to shattering. Blades made of this material are also sharper, stronger and more flexible than regular steel.

The mystery

The original recipe for Damascus steel has remained a secret for centuries, with many superstitions attached to it. Some ancient sources say the blade must be dipped in the urine of a goat who has only eaten ferns for three days, while others state it must be cooled by the flesh of a man to transfer his power to the knife. Luckily, today’s metallurgists are able to reproduce a material that is very close to the original without the use of any sorcery.

The watch

The watch is at the crossroads between tradition and contemporary watchmaking thanks to the mix of this ancient material with a futuristic design. The timepiece comes in a barrel-shaped case that is fitted with a curved skeleton movement that has been designed specifically for this case. The dial has green or blue accents and features matching colored rubber inserts on the side of the case. The signature Corum micro-rotor with its spiral design can be viewed through the sapphire crystal caseback.

Limited edition

Both the green and blue versions of the Corum Heritage Lab 01 Damascus Steel are limited to 99 pieces.

Corum Heritage Lab
Corum Heritage Lab

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