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Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Rock

When Linde Werdelin’s customers started asking for more 3 Timers, the brand kindly obliged with these two new models –┬áthe 3 Timer Rock and the 3 Timer Rock Gold.



Everything you need to know about these watches


This is the first time Linde Werdelin has used a cool gray color for the dial of its 3 Timer collection.


The name “Rock” is a reference to the name of the skiing instrument that clipped onto the early models and made the brand famous.


These two new versions, in steel and in steel with gold touches, have been completely redesigned to be more refined and subdued with new hands and indexes as well as a new dial with a textured pattern that refers to the lines of longitude and latitude.


The collection is called the 3 Timer as it indicates 1) the time, 2) GMT, and 3) 24-hour reading.


These new watches come with the brand’s easily detachable strap system.