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Ulysse Nardin introduces carbonium® to its X collection

Ulysse Nardin pushes the limits of technology with a pioneering new case material called Carbonium®, a composite that is twice as environmentally-friendly as conventional carbon fiber and twice as light as aluminum.




Ulysse Nardin’s new X Collection introduces a brand-new material to its catalogue — Carbonium®. To date, this high-performance composite material has only ever been applied in the aerospace industry and is mostly used in the fabrication of the latest generation of aircraft fuselage and wings.


It is particularly appreciated by aeronautical engineers for its durability and exceptional resistance-to-lightness-ratio. What makes Carbonium® even more interesting is that 95% of it is eco-sourced from carbon by-products, reducing its impact on the environment by 40% when compared to other carbon composite products.


The innovative idea to up-cycle aerospace-grade carbon is the brainchild of a French start-up called Lavoisier Composities. The process involves extremely high temperatures and pressures and has earned the company three patents for its invention. This recycled carbon-based composite not only offers an unprecedented performance material with a reduced environmental footprint, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Carbonium® has a marbled appearance created by a mix of shiny and matt layers. This wavy effect gives the case a vibrant fluidity and makes each one totally unique. Ulysse Nardin has also taken the process one step further by infusing it with gold particles to create Carbonium® Gold, which gives a gold vein touch to the carbon composite.


Photographed here is the Freak X Carbonium® that comes in a 43mm Carbonium® case and features the brand’s iconic manufacture flying carrousel movement that rotates around its own axis with no dial and no hands. The Freak X is the little brother of the Freak Vision and Freak Out with a slightly smaller case size (the previous models were 45mm) and it is far more affordable thanks to the inclusion of a crown to set the time rather than the brand’s complex bezel time-setting system.


The Freak X Carbonium®, like all the brand’s Carbonium® models, demonstrates Ulysse Nardin’s commitment to expanding and enriching its collections for those who appreciate high-performance, unique design and are receptive to timepieces that make a difference to the planet.

Price: CHF 24’000