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Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont – based in Henley on Thames in England – did not unveil its first watches until 2007. The story of these two brothers – both of whom are pilots, as was their father – is extraordinary and worthy of its own book. With annual watch production at about 10,000 pieces per year, Bremont focuses on military-inspired pieces, watches for the adventurous pioneers, and watches that have a history behind them and a story to tell. Among its most important collections:  the MB series -named after the Martin Baker ejection seats – with whom Bremont partners.

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History of Bremont

Founded in 2002 by two British brothers, Nick and Giles English, Bremont is at the forefront of the return of British watchmaking. It took five years of development before Bremont launched its first collection of aviation-inspired timepieces in 2007. 

Their goal has always been to bring back as much of the watchmaking process to the UK as possible. Bremont watches are all designed, manufactured, and assembled in England. That even includes their hand-made leather packaging.

Bremont prides itself on precise timekeeping. Only the highest quality components are used in their movements. Every watch carrying the Bremont name is chronometer-tested, then further subjected to an uncompromising quality control. Every watch in their core collection comes with a performance certificate that verifies that the movement has passed each of the precision tests necessary to obtain the ISO 3159 chronometer designation.

Bremont focuses solely on mechanical movements, finished with the highest craftsmanship, whether in a see-through case back or a screwed-down one. Each watch is guaranteed to within minus four to plus 6 seconds per day. Bremont is recognized as one of the quality watchmakers in its price category.

Bremont: The Story Behind the Passion

Life changed dramatically for Nick & Giles English one day in March 1995. Nick was training for an air display with their father, Euan. Tragedy struck when their 1942 WWII Harvard aircraft crashed, killing their father and leaving Nick with 30 broken bones. The doctors predicted that he would probably not make it, but Nick was back in the air being flown by his brother Giles a mere six months later.

Things had changed, and the brothers decided that there is no time like the present to fulfill their dream of crafting beautifully engineered mechanical devices. Their father was an ex-RAF pilot with an advanced degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a passion for planes and watches. The brothers still rebuild airplanes to this day, but their passion lives on in their Bremont timepieces.

The Name Bremont

In the late 1990s, Nick & Giles were flying across France in their 1930’s biplane. The weather was getting rougher, and they were forced to make an emergency landing. As they preferred to avoid meeting the French authorities, they graciously accepted the help of the farmer whose field they had landed in. They stored their aircraft in his barn and stayed in his home. As fate would have it, the farmer was a former army pilot and a talented engineer. He restored wall clocks as a hobby and still wore his father’s wristwatch. The English brothers never forgot his hospitality. His name was Antoine Bremont.

Who owns Bremont?

Bremont is still owned by its two founders, Nick and Giles English, in partnership with a few investors. They produce an estimated 10’000 watches per year.

Fun Fact

Bremont partners with famous names in the car industry as Rolls Royce and Jaguar and aviation greats like Martin-Baker, The Bremont Horsemen, and even British Airways. Bremont is a long-time supporter of the armed services through its work with Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion, and the Invictus Games’ UK Team’s official supporter. Bremont has the license to use the signs, symbols, and Heraldic Badges of all three of Britain’s Armed Forces branches.

Bremont Collections

  • Ionbird

  • England Rugby

  • Armed Forces Collection

  • Martin-Baker

  • Supermarine

  • Airco

  • Solo

  • Solo-34

  • Solo-37

  • ALT1-C

  • ALT1-P

  • ALT1-Z

  • ALT1-WT

  • ALT1-B

  • U-2

  • Henley Royal Regatta

  • Bremont Jaguar

  • Bremont Hawking Collection

  • Bremont Project Impossible

  • Bremont H-4 Hercules

  • Supersonic

  • MW-II Flying Tiger