Ludovic Ballouard Watches

Master watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard worked as a watchmaker under some prestigious brands, including F. P. Journe for seven years, before breaking out to start his own brand in 2009. His first watch, the Upside Down, drew collectors to his door. Several years later, he unveiled the Half Time. Both of these watches focused on showcasing the movement via the case back in all its glory. Today, in his workshops in Geneva, he continues to innovate, creating an exclusive number of watches annually.

History of Ludovic Ballouard

Ludovic Ballouard was born in Brittany, France, in 1971 to a French father and a Dutch mother. His love for fine mechanics began as a boy – he enjoyed building, flying, and repairing radio-controlled airplanes. Noticing his skills, a teacher suggested he consider watchmaking as a career. Acting on that advice, Ballouard went to and graduated from watchmaking school. Unable to find a job as a watchmaker in Brittany as opportunities were scarce, he worked repairing airplane control panels for six years.

However, Ballouard could not continue to ignore his call for watchmaking, so he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he worked for Franck Muller in the after-sale department for three years. Following his departure from Franck Muller, he fell upon a fantastic opportunity when a close friend informed him of a watchmaking position at F.P. Journe. He ended up staying for seven years and was by the last three years responsible for assembling the very complicated Sonnerie Souveraine.

Ludovic Ballouard’s first timepiece

In December 2009, Ballouard created his first timepiece, the Upside Down, which turned watch display on its ear, and his brand was born. By January 2012, he introduced his second model, the Half Time, which is even more complicated than the Upside Down but continues to present time simply.

By 2013, his reputation as a highly talented watchmaker caught Harry Winston’s attention, who selected Ballouard as the watchmaker for its Opus XIII.

Who owns Ludovic Ballouard?

Ludovic Ballouard is an independent watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland, and owned by Ludovic Ballouard.

Fun Fact

Ludovic Ballouard is extremely tall, and he towers over just about everyone else in the watch industry.

Ludovic Ballouard Collections

  • Upside Down

  • Half Time