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Founded in 1976 in Geneva by Raymond Weil, this Swiss watch brand continues to be family-run and operated. Initially, the brand released watch collections named for operas and music,  including Maestro, Tango, Toccata, and more. Today, the company continues to craft fine watches in these and other collections with meticulous attention to dial details and case finishes. Predominantly, the Raymond Weil watches are powered by quartz movements.

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History of Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil’s story starts in 1976 when the watch industry was right in the middle of the quartz crisis. Mr. Raymond Weil had a vision of what Swiss watchmaking should really be all about. He decided to start his own watch brand under his own name to bring his new concept into reality. His timepieces met with high praise and once he was firmly established in the Swiss market he traveled worldwide to build his international network.

The company grew rapidly, and Raymond Weil needed to further expand and increase competitiveness in the market. To reach this goal, he brought on his son-in-law Olivier Bernheim in 1982, who developed numerous markets, modernized its structure, and took over the marketing and communications departments. Olivier Bernheim was appointed President and CEO in 1996, a position he held until 2014.

In 2006, Raymond Weil’s grandsons, Elie and Pierre Bernheim joined the company. They have added their vision and know-how to this 3rd generation family company. New collections like the high-tech Nabucco line for men and the Noemia collection exclusively for women were both huge successes. Elie Bernheim assumed the role of CEO in April 2014 upon the retirement of his father.

Raymond Weil’s Famous Advertisements

Raymond Weil is well known for its award-winning advertisements that demonstrate its commitment to the arts. Their 1994 campaign “Precision Movements” portraying dancers photographed in mid-air not only cemented their identity but won numerous awards. In 2011 they presented the “Precision is my Inspiration” campaign which featured models wearing Raymond Weil’s in the Victoria concert hall in Geneva. 2012 brought a stunning campaign with musical scores taking off, revealing the timepieces, illuminated by a halo of light.

Raymond Weil and Music

Raymond Weil has always been inspired by music. As early as 1983, the brand introduced the Amadeus collection, named after the classical composer Mozart. Music-inspired collection names continued to roll out over the years, such as Fidelio -named after Beethoven’s only opera – Traviata or Saxo. 

Over the years, Raymond Weil developed strong partnerships with iconic venues like the Royal Albert, charities like the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, ACMF, and Nordoff Robbins. The brand has been the Offical Partner of the BRIT Awards since 2008 – one of the most glamorous and famous events in the music business.

The Music Icons series campaign has celebrated artists and brands such as Frank Sinatra and Gibson guitars. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Raymond Weil introduced a new Maestro The Beatles Limited Edition series followed by both a Buddy Holly and a David Bowie edition.

Who Owns Raymond Weil?

Raymond Weil is one of the few remaining family-owned watch companies in the industry. Today Mr. Weil’s grandson Elie Bernheim manages the company. They are based in Geneva, Switzerland, and produce an estimated 200’000 watches per year.

Fun Fact

In 2013 Raymond Weil designed an amazing booth for the Baselworld fair in the form of a cello. The cello was 9 meters high, making it the world’s largest solid wood cello. 

Raymond Weil Collections

  • Freelancer

  • Noemia

  • Parsifal

  • Shine

  • Tango

  • Toccata

  • Maestro