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Antoine Preziuso’s TTR3 Blue Equaliser Frequencies

Antoine Preziuso’s new TTR3 Blue Equaliser Frequencies with The Tourbillon of Tourbillons movement and 233 rare royal blue sapphires.


Everything you need to know about this watch


The TTR3 Blue Equaliser Frequencies is powered by three tourbillons and a triple differential. The tourbillons are fixed on a revolving plate which makes a full rotation every 10 minutes, while each tourbillon completes one rotation per minute, creating a beautiful animation and providing unmatched regularity.


The close proximity of the three tourbillons, and their positions on the plate, allows them to resonate and naturally adopt an identical frequency of three hertz.


The TTR3 Equaliser Frequencies is housed in a 47mm, 18-karat white gold case which is set with 233 rare, royal-blue, baguette-cut sapphires, totalling 24 carats.


The movement has three international patents and took over a decade of research to complete.


The TTR3 Blue Equaliser Frequencies is a unique piece.