Alexander Shorokhoff

History of Alexander Shorokhoff

Alexander Shorokhoff was born in Moscow in 1960. He studied architecture and is a trained civil engineer. He moved to Germany in 1991 and established a pan-European sales and distribution network of “Poljot,” a Russian brand, just one year later. Only selling watches was not enough for Alexander, and he established his first in-house watch brand “Poljot International” in 1994. Followed in 2003 by “Alexander Shorokhoff,” a watch manufacture that carries his name.

Made in Germany

The “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacture is located in Alzenau, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. The brand is a family operation that places great importance on quality, handcrafted art, and extraordinary design. Every watch passes through various stations, starting with engraving to refinement up to calibration and assembly. “Alexander Shorokhoff” completely revises every movement, brings it up to date, and gives it the distinction of “Made in Germany.” Each master watchmaker is responsible for his watch from start to finish.

All the watch designs follow a straightforward creative design according to the motto ‐ Art on the Wrist. For Alexander Shorokhov, a watch is a timepiece and a window into his soul where creativity comes true. Shorokhoff offers three collections Heritage, Avantgarde, and Vintage, all inspired by art and culture.

Who owns Alexander Shorokhoff?

Alexander Shorokhoff is an independent watch manufacture owned by Alexander Shorokhoff. His daughter Inga Shorokhoff is also involved in the business.

A Fun Fact

The American actor, director, producer, and businessman, Robert Redford, was wearing an Alexander Shorokhoff automatic chronograph in his film The Discovery.

Alexander Shorokhoff Collections

Heritage Collection

The classical Heritage line includes models such as “Tolstoi, “Alexander Pushkin, “and “Tchaikovsky, “all dedicated to the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century. The timepieces combine classical design with traditional engravings, skeletonization, enameling, and various methods of refinement.

Avantgarde Collection

The Avantgarde collection focuses on design and takes its inspiration from 20th century Russian and European art and culture. The Avantgarde watch models are made for individuals who do not follow the crowd, choosing to take their own path in life.

Vintage Collection

The Vintage collection is a subcollection of the Avantgarde Series. All of the watches in this collection are fitted with historic and no longer manufactured Russian movements. The movements are fully restored, modernized, and artistically hand‐engraved. Some movements do need a few new parts that are manufactured in-house.

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