History of Ikepod

Founded in 1994, Ikepod has always provided a very conceptual horological design that challenges the way we imagine a wristwatch to be. After years of producing high-end timepieces, the brand is now creating more affordable timepieces so that creative watch design can now be appreciated by a much larger number of watch lovers.

Five interesting facts about Ikepod

1 – Kickstarter

Ikepod recently launched a Kickstarter project where clients can already pre-order a Duopod watch.

2 – Marc Newson

The first Ikepod timepieces were designed by Marc Newson.

3 – The Ikepod name

The name Ikepod comes from the surname of the company’s founder, Oliver Ike, and the name of one of Newson’s watch designs, The Pod.

4 – Famed watch designer Emmanuel Gueit

Today’s watches are designed by famed watch designer Emmanuel Gueit who is best known for transforming Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak into the Offshore Chrono.

5 – Big diameter watches

Ikepod watches are credited with being the first to start the wave of big diameter watches that started at the turn of this century.

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