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Lytt Labs Inception Prodigy

After the arrival of Lytt Lab’s Inception Versions 1.0 and 1.1, the brand is now unveiling the Inception Prodigy.


Everything you need to know about these watches


The Inception Prodigy comes in a cushion-shaped 45mm case in stainless steel or with a PVD coating.


The timepieces are powered by the Seiko Instruments automatic caliber NH35.


The Inception Prodigy features an entirely new hour and minute hand design with a novel disc-style seconds indicator that can be read via an arrow or through a small window that gives a numeric indication.


The design of the dial was inspired by public fountains that decorate many urban landscapes. These fountains have been a place where people gather for over a 1000 years. Today these fountains not only provide water, but they offer a sense of escape from the “urban grind”. Similarly, Lytt Labs is designed to be useful, while also offering a welcome mental escape for the wearer when he or she glances down at the dial.


The watches are water resistant to 50 meters.