The Best Gifts for Watch Lovers

Whilst you may not be able to buy your watch lover friend a new watch just yet, there are a number of super cool gifts that they will definitely get his or her heart ticking. Discover some great gift ideas for watch lovers.

The Best Gifts for Watch Lovers

We have put together a list of some of the best gifts for watch lovers and watch collectors. Whether your watch-loving friend or family is more luxury or more hipster we have some great gift ideas for you.

Juvo Luxury A1 Single Watch Winder – $350

A watch winder is a perfect gift for any watch lover who owns an automatic watch. When they take their watch off, they can simply place it in the winder guaranteeing that it will continue running until they choose to wear it next. The Juvo Luxury A1 single watch winder features a contemporary high gloss wood panel exterior with a patented aluminum extrusion design, a front glass cover, and a black watch holder. It runs on both AC power or AA batteries and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Juvo Luxury A1 Single watch winder, best gifts for watch lovers

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Wolf Blake 5 piece watch box – $130

When you are looking for a gift for a watch lover you are bound to find something that catches your eye on Wolf 1834. They make everything from watch rolls to watch safes. The Wolf Blake 5 piece watch box comes in 3 different versions, all in top grain leather exteriors with a choice of black or brown, and ultra-smooth grey, brown or purple suede lining.

Wolf 1834 Blake watch box storage
Wolf 1834 Blake 5 piece watch

Watches & Pencils – From $55

Dutch illustrator Teun van Heerebeek combines his love of watches with his passion for art to produce watch-inspired art, to our great delight! He always starts his work by sketching with a pencil, hence the name Watches & Pencils. There are lots of different options, such as the “Rolex Explorer” and the “Panda Dial” seen below. Available in different paper sizes, each one is personally produced and signed by the artist. If you have a particular watch your watch-loving friend would like him to draw or a crazy idea that could inspire him, you can even commission a piece!

Watch art, best gifts for watch lovers
Watch art, best gifts for watch lovers

LOUPE Systems – From $ 580

All of the loupes from Loupe Systems can be mounted on the iPhone or iPad of any watch lover, so they can take amazing macro photography or video of their watch. They come with two interchangeable black silicone rubber top elements. The first one gives a 40mm wide viewing field on the 6X Model 01 and 60mm on the 3X Model 02. The second one places the eye closer to the loupe allowing for a wider 50mmm viewing field on Model 01 and 70mm on Model 02.

Loupe System that fits to your phone
Loupe Systems

MijMoj Oak Watch Stand – £ 44

These beautifully handmade solid oak watch stands from MijMoj, are a fun addition to any watch lover’s bedside table or desk. They are perfectly designed to display and organize their precious watches with a choice of a stand for 3, 4, or 5 watches. For an extra £5, you have can add a personalized text in the front with great options to choose from or simply choose your own. Adding an acrylic case cover to keep their watches safely away from any harmful elements is also an option.

MijMoj oak watch stand, best gifts for watch lovers
MijMoj Oak Watch Stand

Ticket to La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland

This is the absolute holy grail for any real watch nerd, a ticket to the Swiss sleepy mountain town on the border of France. This is where the behind the scenes watchmaking magic happens and is home to manufacturers such as Girard Perregaux, Breitling, Cartier to name but a few. La Chaux-de-Fonds has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of the watchmaking industry and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. A trip here coupled with a few factory tours is a gift that is can’t go wrong.

La Chaux de Fonds ticket , best gifts for watch lovers
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Erika’s Originals Straps – from $80

Erika’s Originals straps come in all colors and sizes, making it a great gift to update any watch lovers’ watch. Each of the patented MN Straps is made from in-house woven elastic nylon webbing that not only adjusts to your wrist but regulates moisture making it one of the most comfortable watch straps out there. Each strap can be personalized with your choice of stitching color, buckle style, and printing or laser engraving.

Erika's Originals Trident best gifts for watch lovers
Erika’s Originals Trident

The Wristwatch Handbook by Ryan Schmidt – $ 58

The Wristwatch Handbook by Ryan Schmidt is the perfect gift for the watch lover that is starting his collection. A comprehensive guide to all mechanical movements with more than 450 illustrations from leading watch brands. Divided into two sections, the first gives the reader an understanding of what a mechanical movement is. The second section explains all of the different complications or functions that you can find in a mechanical watch.

The Wristwatch handbook, best gifts for watch lovers
The Wristwatch Handbook by Ryan Schmidt

WOLF – Cub Watch winder with cover – $ 290

If you are looking for a high-end quality watch winder, then it’s difficult to not fall on WOLF during your Google search. Their patented technology enables WOLF watch winders to count the precise number of rotations when in use, whereas other watch winders just make an estimate. They are pre-programmed to turn 900 turns per day and have three settings: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, and Bi-directional. TheWOLF Cub Winder with cover is available in many colors in quality vegan leather with chrome finished hardware.WOLF Cub winder with cover

Lorenzi Milano Roll on watch case with Watch Tools – $850

Lorenzi Milano combines craftsmanship and tradition, using only materials from natural sources. Everything they do is crafted by hand in their workshops in Italy. The Lorenzi Milano Roll on watch case with instruments comes in soft lamb nappa leather available in either brown or black, allowing you to wrap the watches in it safely. The watch tools are made of aluminum and stainless steel guaranteeing the maintenance of any watch lovers’ prized possessions at home or while traveling.Lorenzo Milano Watch roll with watch tools

EVY Designs Watch Movement Cufflinks – $50

Evy Designs unique personalized gunmetal vintage watch movement cufflinks feature highly detailed vintage watch movements including ruby jewels and brass cogs. For an additional $20 you can even personalize each cufflink with your own message making this a great gift for the watch lover of your choice.

Evy Designs Watch movement cufflinks, best gifts for watch lovers
Evy Designs Gunmetal Vintage Cufflinks

Döttling “The Guardian” high security traveling case – $ 14’000

Ok, let’s be honest, if you can afford to buy the Döttling “The Guardian” high security traveling case as a gift for your watch loving friend you can probably afford to buy them a watch. However, if they are the type of person who already has everything this should tick the box. A double-walled high-security tube that is almost as hard as diamonds and is impossible to drill through. The material cannot be destroyed even using a sledgehammer. It is equipped with a GPS locator and a 3-digit high-security door lock. You can store up to 6 wristwatches with a little place leftover for some extra cash.

Döttling “The Guardian” high security traveling case

Watchrats socks – $25

WatchRats makes socks and yes, you guessed it – with watches on them. Their latest addition is the Jumbo Genta socks which feature watches design by the famous watchmaker Gerald Genta. Made from sumptuous cotton, this is a fun gift for any watch lover out there. They also make handkerchiefs, face masks, and phone cases.

Watchrats socks for watch lovers
WatchRats Jumbo Genta socks

Smythson Panama Travel Watch Roll – $475

This navy blue Smythson watch roll is the perfect way to keep your wristwatches safe whilst traveling. Made from Smythson’s signature Panama cross-grain calf leather, it features a burgundy suede lining and a removable padded roll.

Smythson watch roll navy, best gifts for watch lovers
Smythson Panama Watch Travel Roll 

ART of Horology – From $25

Art of Horology was founded by Liam and Clare, a husband and wife team who share a passion for watches. There are over 50 prints to chose from but you can custom order watch art for any watch you would like. A perfect gift for any watch enthusiast. They even do T-shirts and baseball caps with your favorite watch on them.

art of horolgy, best gifts for watch lovers
art of horolgy, best gifts for watch lovers

The Magic of Watches – $44.99

The Magic of Watches by Louis Nardin is a smart introduction to fine watchmaking for watch lovers who are looking to further their watch knowledge. Louis Nardin explains how and why watches are so precious and fascinating. Why is a million-dollar watch sometimes more fragile than a 15 dollar one? How does a mechanical movement work? How does a quartz watch work? A unique publication that focuses on the basics so that the reader can better understand watches.The magic of watches, best gifts for watch lovers